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The difference between a handle and a simple piece of metal arose in 1991, when we launched our door handles that combined both functionality and design.

We chose to design and create handles that we would ourselves chose for our spaces; handles that would survive wear & tear and blows and finishes that would remain bright through the test of time.

We became the first company to introduce Pin- tumbler Mortise locks in India using an Italian production technology. Gold color anodized modern design handles were introduced into the market that changed the way modern hardware was accepted by the home renovator.

Introduced Locks, Latch & Yale cylinders/profile keys ,first time made in India.
Introduced Lifestyle modern designer Door Handles with Rosette & Escutcheons which were highly appreciated by leading architects , Interior designers , builders & Professionals of the country.
Set up in house foundry shop for Sand casting of Brass, Silicon Bronze & copper in traditional way.
Set up in house forging shop to produce forged Brass decorative hardware using expensive tooling made in Italy for elegant, artistic designer door handles.
Was first to Manufacture premium quality lacquered rich antique patina & oil rubbed finished door hardware in India.
Was first to make precious metal plated fancy hardware with 24 carat Gold plating, Black Plating, Silver Plating which made possible to give heritage old luxury look to reproduction & restoration of replica of historical brass door hardware.
Company Started its Export to Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, U.K, Middle East and North America.
New forged series of colonial & Victorian era designs consisting of Door Knobs, door Knockers, Cabinet Handles, Cremone Bolts, Espagnolettes, Crutches was Introduced.
Introduces vary beautiful swarosvki crystal & ceramic door & window handles , pull handles & cabinet knobs.
Golden Locks introduced Architectural Glass Fittings, Shower cubical Fittings / rods, exterior curtain wall Spider Fittings , floor machine, floor spring, patch fittings, Stainless Steel & wrought Iron contemporary door hardware, Maniglie , Pomoli, Sliding Fittings, Hinges, Tower bolt, Door closer, Sanitary Fittings, Faucets, Taps, Tiles, Chandeliers, Table Lamps & Lights, oriental decorations.
Started manufacturing Stainless steel Banisters, balusters, staircase railings, stairs, bathroom accessories , bath fittings & hardware like Towel rod, towel rack, towel ring, Tumbler, tube lever handles.                                      amc watch walking dead season 6 online
Introduced hand Chiselled door handles & carved Customised hardware series "The Manor" produced at par in design , finish ,Craftsmanship quality to well known world class brands like Baldwin, Rocky mountain, Linea cali, salice paolo, Om Porro, Enrico cassina, Bronces Coba, Baltica, sherle wagner.
Introduced Luxurious Big Pull Handles series for Main Doors (Wooden doors & Glass doors) for Hotels, Resorts, Palaces, Castles, Farm Houses, Mansions, Villas & Prestigious Residential projects.
In 2015 we started elite Imported Italian range of Royal Brass Chandeliers, Bronze Chandeliers, Crystal Large Chandeliers, Glass Chandeliers, Maria Theresa & Murano Chandeliers, Lighting fixtures ,wall Lights, Interior (Indoor) & Exterior (Outdoor) lighting.
Today 2016 we offer an exquisite wide range of- Architectural Chandeliers,Wall Lights & Lighting Fixtures, Modern Chandeliers,Wall Lights & Lighting Fixtures, Classic & Neoclassic Chandeliers,Wall Lights & Lighting Fixtures, Contemporary Chandeliers,Wall Lights & Lighting Fixtures, Baroque Style Chandeliers,Wall Lights & Lighting Fixtures, Gothic style Chandeliers,Wall Lights & Lighting Fixtures, Renaissance style Chandeliers,Wall Lights & Lighting Fixtures, Rococo style Chandeliers,Wall Lights & Lighting Fixtures, Traditional style Chandeliers,Wall Lights & Lighting Fixtures, Victorian & Vintage style Chandeliers,Wall Lights & Lighting Fixtures Brass Fancy Decorative Lights, Antiques Fancy Decorative Lights, Bronze Fancy Decorative Lights, Porcelain Fancy Decorative Lights, Ceramic Fancy Decorative Lights, Alabaster Fancy Decorative Lights, Brass Lamp Shades & Table Lamps, Antiques Lamp Shades & Table Lamps, Bronze Lamp Shades & Table Lamps, Porcelain Lamp Shades & Table Lamps, Ceramic Lamp Shades & Table Lamps, Alabaster Lamp Shades & Table Lamps, Crystal Lamp Shades & Table Lamps, Glass Lamp Shades & Table Lamps, Architectural Lanterns, Modern Lanterns, Classic & Neoclassic Lanterns, Contemporary Lanterns, Baroque Style Lanterns, Gothic style Lanterns, Renaissance style Lanterns, Rococo style Lanterns, Traditional style Lanterns, Victorian & Vintage style Lanterns, Brass Lanterns, Bronze Lanterns Brass Lamp Shades & Table Lamps, Antiques Lamp Shades & Table Lamps, Bronze Lamp Shades & Table Lamps, Porcelain Lamp Shades & Table Lamps, Ceramic Lamp Shades & Table Lamps, Alabaster Lamp Shades & Table Lamps, Crystal Lamp Shades & Table Lamps, Glass Lamp Shades & Table Lamps, Exterior (Outdoor) Residences Pole Lamps & Lighting Fixtures, Exterior (Outdoor) Streets Pole Lamps & Lighting Fixtures ,Exterior (Outdoor) Garden Pole Lamps & Lighting Fixtures, Exterior (Outdoor) Park Pole Lamps & Lighting Fixtures, Exterior (Outdoor) Landscapes Pole Lamps & Lighting Fixtures , Exterior (Outdoor) Commercial Buildings Pole Lamps & Lighting Fixtures Technical Lights & Technical Lighting Fixtures Brass Candelabras & Pedestal Lamps, Antiques Candelabras & Pedestal Lamps, Bronze Candelabras & Pedestal Lamps, Porcelain Candelabras & Pedestal Lamps, Ceramic Candelabras & Pedestal Lamps, Alabaster Candelabras & Pedestal Lamps, Crystal Candelabras & Pedestal Lamps, Glass Candelabras & Pedestal Lamps, Brass Ceiling Fancy Lighting Fixtures, Antiques Ceiling Fancy Lighting Fixtures, Bronze Ceiling Fancy Lighting Fixtures, Porcelain Ceiling Fancy Lighting Fixtures, Ceramic Ceiling Fancy Lighting Fixtures, Alabaster Ceiling Fancy Lighting Fixtures, Crystal Ceiling Fancy Lighting Fixtures, Glass Ceiling Fancy Lighting Fixtures,

Golden Locks took a new direction in 2005, with Stainless steel door handles, Pull handles, Balusters and Railing systems made with high tech water jet cutting machines. By 2007, we became the first Indian company to provide complete hardware solution for residential and commercial buildings when we introduced Architectural fittings like Glass Patch Fittings, Point Fittings, Floor Spring Machines and Door Closures.

During the two significant decades, Golden Locks exhibited continuously in international fairs for hardware and building materials such as the ones held in Cologne, Germany, Hong Kong and Dubai, amongst others.

The year 2013 has added a beautiful handcrafted door handles and accessories range named ‘The Manor’ with intricate carvings in 15 different finishes. Our door handles now range up to $ 1100 for one.

The timeline speaks for itself and, we ensured that our door handles are extremely attractive. Our level of experience and manufacturing care allowed us to create shapes of all styles and using many metals and material.

And finally, because we wanted the best, we committed ourselves to ensuring that every handle was designed and created exclusively in India however at par with European standards of aesthetics and functionality.

Today, we do custom design and production for elite projects across the country. Try and image the ideal handle for your house or office: the chances are you'll find it here.

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