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Golden Locks is a leading producer of high-end door handles for world-class home décor, dealing in a range of beautifully handcrafted products. The company was founded by Krishan Gupta in 1991 in India, who pioneered the key developments in the lock industry in India. The brand ‘Golden’ dates back to 1954, as one of the oldest brands weaving classic home textiles and furnishings. Today, we stand amongst the world’s recognized artisans its arena, having completed more than two decades of glorious existence.

In 1996, we created Solid Brass Forged Handles with Electrophoretic Lacquer coating sourced from England. More than 10 rich finishes were a part of our catalogue including a 24-carat Gold Plated door handle. Exports to Europe, South America and Middle East were started in 1998. In 2002, a new range of classic designs was introduced in the market, at par to those created by Italian and Spanish designers with a world-class quality. Around the same time, we became the first and exclusive authorized users of Swarovski crystals in our door handles.

Golden Locks took a new direction in 2005, with Stainless steel door handles, Pull handles, Balusters and Railing systems made with high tech water jet cutting machines. By 2007, we became the first Indian company to provide complete hardware solution for residential and commercial buildings when we introduced architectural fittings.

During the two significant decades, Golden Locks exhibited continuously in international fairs for hardware and building materials such as the ones held in Cologne, Germany, Hong Kong and Dubai, amongst others.

The year 2013 has added a beautiful handcrafted door handles and accessories range named ‘The Manor’ with intricate carvings in 15 different finishes. Our door handles now range up to $ 1100.

And finally, because we wanted the best, we committed ourselves to ensuring that every handle was designed and created exclusively in India however at par with European standards of aesthetics and functionality.

Today, we do custom design and production for elite projects across the country. Try and image the ideal handle for your house or office: the chances are you’ll find it here.

Quality Standard

Golden Locks products conform to international chemical and physical tests: -

Glossary Description

Active Door In double doors execution, The door which opens first and to which the lock  is fixed.
Aluminium  A strong but light in weight-robust material in Silver appearance, usually anodized in many different colours.
Anodising / Anodisation  Anodisation is the process of oxidising the oxide layer on the surface of an object is increase resistant to corrosion and facilitate to have decorative colours.
Antifriction Bearing Bearing with bolls to  reduce friction.
Antifriction Latch Bolt A latch bolt having less friction due to its shape when strikes to lock strike while closing
Antiqued / Antiquing  The process when an object is treated to give it an old aged impression. The object is often oxidised to darkened to achieve antiqued effect on metals for  better aesthetic look.
Aperture Hole & opening in ironmongery to distinguish between the dimensions of a letter plate  externally
Architectural Hardware All kind of hardware articles used in a building  doors, windows, cabinets and other movable items.
Armor Plate A kick plate the door to a greater height till approx 1050 mm from the bottom.
Armored Front The finish cover plate used in mortise locks having under plate, placed to covers  & protecting the cylinder set screws from tampering.
Astragal Molding used to cover the gap between the edges of doors.
Auxiliary Bolt Additional bolt, activated when the door is closed to dead latching the latch bolt automatically.
Auxiliary Dead Latch Additional Latch activated when the door is closed to deadlatching the latchbolt automatically.
Back Check A feature in hydraulic door closers Designed to protect an object behind the door by slowing the opening swing of the door between 60 degrees and 85degrees
Back Plate (Backplate) The back plate is the metal plate on which the handle fixed &  plate which is screwed to the door. 
Backflap Hinge A butt hinge,the width across the flaps is  more then the knuckle length. Normally used where there is less timber is available to fix standard butt hinges.
Backplate Or Rose Fixed The Rose plate is the metal plate on which the handle fixed & Rose is screwed to the door. 
Backplate Or Rose Loose backplate / rose mounted on door knob with plate or rose which is separate component & not permanently fixed .
Back Set (Of A Hinge) The distance from the door  edge to the centre hinge.
Backset (Of A Lock) The distance from the front plate of  lockets to the centre of keyhole or cylinder
Ball Catch A push/pull fastner use for wardrobe doors
Ball bearing Hinge Hinge knuckles with ball bearings to reduce friction.
Barrel Bolt Round shoot in a doorbolt through a continuous barrel attached to a backplate
Bathroom Deadbolt  A tubular deadbolt for bathroom, operated by a separate turn and release.
Bathroom Lock A lock with a sprung latch bolt, operated by handles Plus a deadbolt operated by a knob or thumb turn from the inside , includes an emergency release at outside
Bathroom Turn & Release  
Beehive Door Knobs Victorian Era very popular design where decorative rings run asides the door knob to improve grip.
Beggar Latch Similar to a rim latch it does not require a door handle / knob
Bevel (Of A Door) The angle between the lock edge to the face of the lock stile.
Bit (Of A Key) The cut in the blade of key to match with the tumblers to operate Lock.
Bolt  The term 'bolt' means locking mechanism on a door.
Bolt Cranked The bolt used where the door and frame are not flushed. A flat plate is fitted to the frame. A hole in the frame behind the plate the hold the bolt for locking
Bolt Straight A bolt  in a straight line into a surface mounted Lock and is used  for the door with flush  frames
Bore Round hole commonly used to adopt  tubular locks preparations. 
Bored Lock (Or Latch) latches / Locks installation in holes bored in a door.
Box Strike Box strike housing to protect the bolt in exposed openings.
Brass (Ottone) Copper & Zinc alloy commonly used for Door Hardware & fittings
Bronze Bronze is alloy of metal ,primarily of copper & is commonly used in decorative metal productions. Significant in antiquity by name to the Bronze Age. Alloy of copper and tin which can be rolled and drawn is called "Real Bronze". has  attractive dark reddish/brown colour. "Imitation Bronze Metal Antique" 
Builders Hardware All hardware used  in connection with door Accessories door fitting, window fitting ,cabinet fitting etc.
Cabin Hook A small hook and an hole to hold a Kitchen door open. 
Cabinet And Cupboard Locks  locks used to lock Cabinet, cupboards/desks are of basic construction.
Cam (Of A Cylinder) A intricate shaped component attached with cylinder plug to activate the locking mechanism.
Cane Bolt Cane-shaped bolt with the bent on top at right angles
Case (Of A Lock) The metal box covering the lock mechanism assembly.
Casement And Sash Windows A hinged window  which opens outwards and is closed & opened by a casement fastener (casement stay - holds the window open at different angles). A sash window slides up and down.
Casement Fastener/Window Handle Is a pivoted fastener used to close & open a casement window. Its normally a handle shaped fastener with a tongue which fits into a locking plate. 
Casement Hinge A hinge of casement window designed to throw the sash out far enough to permit cleaning the outside of the glass of an outward-swinging casement window from the inside of the room.
Casement Stay A  stay used to hold the casement window at different degrees in the open positions.
Casement Window  A window which side hungs on hinges & closes into its own frame.
Centre Pull Or Centre Knob A door knob  which normally do not turn & is normally positioned in the centre of a door to act as a pull
Chain Door Fastener A chain that limits the opening of a door for safety.
Changes (Key) Combinations of bittings & tumbler assemblies to create different keys of locks.
Checking Floor Hinge A Machine embedded in the floor with top and bottom pivots to control closing speed of Door.
Chrome Plate Chrome Plated over solid brass by a process of electroplating ,popular in the Art Deco period and is very commonly used in Bathrooms, available polished chrome & a satin  finish. 
Chrome Plated  Decorative plating technique of hexavalent chromium bath, to achieve a long lasting bright mirrored finish. 
Coordinator Automatic stopping mechanism used on double doors which allows, inactive door to close first then the active door.
Counter Flap Hinge It has a double pivot joint in the two flaps , when the counter flap is closed it provides flat surface.
Cremone Bolt Locks the door or sash window into the frame from top and bottom by a turn of knob or lever handle, A device of surface application.
Cup Escutcheon A recessed panel to afford finger hold a door plate, for use on sliding doors
Custom Hardware Decorative carved / modern hardware having special use out of collection, wonderful,unique,stylish,sophisticated,latest,inovative,intricate,grandeur,glittering crystals,fashionable,fantastic,delightful,exclusive,exotic,exquisite,fabulous designs 
Cylinder (Of A Lock) Assembly containing the tumbler mechanism cylindrical Shaped body and the keyway, can be actuated by the correct keys only
Cylinder Collar Plate or ring decoration used over the head of a cylinder.
Cylinder Lock A lock where locking mechanism is cylinder controlled,
Cylinder Pull A cylinder lock covered by decorative pull, can be used to pull the door .
Cylinder Screw The screw that holds a cylinder preventing  from being turned after installation.
Cylindrical (Locks And Latches) Bored locks, with cylindrical case into which a separate latch & bolt case fits.
Deadbolt (Of A Lock) Bolt with no  spring action or bevelled ,operated by a key or a turn piece only.
Deadbolt Latch Non-spring locking mechanism which can be disengaged by rotating the lock cylinder by key or thumb turn only.
Deadlock Lock with a deadbolt Mechanism only.
Deadlocking Latch Bolt A latch bolt incorporating a cam that i retracts in a position when a door is closed, preventing the bolt from being opened by pressure.
Delayed Action A door closer which holds the door in the open position before the closing action starts. Ideal Children's, the handicapped, the aged and people with prams, trolleys etc. 
Dogging Device An exit devices that fastens the cross bar in the fully depressed position to retains the latch bolt in retracted position, permitting free operation of the door from either side.
Dolly Switch  A switch which has a short lever protruding from the back plate, operated not by pushing the switch inwards - rather the user places their finger under or over the switch to lever it up or down. Switch Plate
Door Closer Bracket A plate to installed door closer on the frame rather than directly on the door.
Door Closer Or Check A device capable of controlling the speed of the closing action of doors.
Door Edging Material used to Protect the edge of a door.
Door Furniture Door handle, door knob. Etc. used to operate locks & latches.
Door Handle/Door Knob Unsprung And Sprung Door handles or door knobs operated by a spring  which allows them to spring back after turning or pushing down. Door handles or door knobs operated without  spring are called Unsprung Door Handle/Door Knob 
Door Holder A device in door closer or floor springs that holds a door open at one or more selected positions.
Door Pivot A fixed pin and a single joint for hanging the doors.
Door Protection Plates Plates used to Protect the edge of a door.
Door Pull Device when grasped permits the user to pull a door open.
Door Stopper A fixed device normally covered in rubber that stops a door from banging against a wall.
Door Stud  Door studs are cast from iron and screwed into the door ,Generally used to decorate wooden doors,
Double Cylinder Cylinder with key way on the exterior as well as on interior.
Double throw Bolt A bolt that can be projected two times to provide extra security. first position into a second, or fully extended one.
Drawer Roller To ease the sliding of a drawer open or shut , device is used ,with a metal or fiber wheel rotating in a metal frame.
Drawer Slides A mechanism to ease the sliding of a drawer open or shut , device is used ,with a metal or fiber wheel rotating in a metal frame.
Drivers In a pin tumbler cylinder, the upper set of pins which, when activated by the springs, project into the plug for locking rotation of unauthorised key
Drop Escutcheon (Or Key Plate) Keyhole cover decoration part.
Drop Ring A ring that remains in a dropped position when not in use attached to a spindle that operates a lock or latch
Dummy Cylinder Cylinder without any operating mechanism.
Dummy Function Locks with no latch and are surface mounted to match the appearance of nearby operating locks. Electronic Locksets 
Dummy Trim Door trim which is installed for appearance or as a door pull only & is non-operating ,usually used on the inactive door in a pair of doors
Dustproof Strike Disc with a spring plunger to fills the bolt hole when the bolt is not projected.
Dutch Door Bolt Lock for locking together the upper and the lower doors leafs of a Dutch door.
Edge Plate To protect the edge of a door, an angle or channel-shaped plate guard is used 
Edge Pull A pull mortised in  front of a sliding door.
Elbow Catch For locking the inactive door of a pair of cabinet locks, a spring-loaded device embodying a rocker arm and angle strike,.
Electric Strike Remote controlled electrical device strike plate
Electronic Locksets A Electronically controlled lockset using a keypad input and a user code to operate the lock bolt. 
Emergency Key Hotel-Motel locks-These locks have a locking feature which, when applied, prevents entry by normal service keys, master keys or grand master keys, can be opened by the emergency key .
Escutcheon Decorative keyhole cover to match the rest of the door furniture. 
Espagnolette Bolt Bolts the door or sash window into the frame from top and bottom by a turn of knob or lever handle, A device of surface application.
Espagnolette Lock Locks the door or sash window into the frame from top and bottom by a turn of knob or lever handle, A device of surface application.
Exit Device Instant emergency exit by pressing on a cross bar that releases the locking bolt or latch.
Extension Link Extension device for long backsets,
Face (Of A Lock) Front plate of lockset.
Fanlight Catch  A fastener designed specifically for inward opening fanlight window hinged along the bottom edge.
Finger Plates Door plates, push plates or finger panels, used on doors to protect them from dirty finger marks, positioned above the door knob, Very popular in Victorian times and highly decorative & were made in brass, wood, porcelain, glass. To make Victorian door to look authentic, then you should have finger plates.
Finish Builders' Hardware Decorative & fished  hardware used in connection with door Accessories door fitting, window fitting ,cabinet fitting etc.
Fitch Fastener  Sash fastener of a specific design.
Fleurdelys  The fleur-de-lys popular in design since antiquity as common feature of European coats of arms and territorial flags, the fleur-de-lys is particularly associated with the French royal houses. English it is called as "flower of lily", 
Floor Closer Door closing device installed in the floor to cloe door.
Floor Hinge Closing device set in the floor or in the bottom of the door.
Flush Bolt Door bolts that when fixed it is flushed with the face of the door.
Flush Cup Pull Cup pull mortised into a door, having a ring pull .
Flush Ring A Ring door pull mortised in a door, having a ring that folds flat into the cup,
Follower A device when turned by a square spindle, operates the bolt. it extends from the handle to the follower. 
Foot Bolt A  bolt arranged for foot operation, fixed at the bottom of a door and 
Forend Plate of lock or latch through which the bolt's protrude & by which the lock is screwed to the door
Friction Catch Any catch which is held in the engaged position by friction.
Friction Hinge A hinge that holds the door at any desired degree of opening by means of friction.
Froggnt (Of A Lock) Plate of lock or latch through which the bolt's protrude & by which the lock is screwed to the door
Full Length Entry Set A lockset with a plate of the entire length, from the deadbolt to the bottom of the handle.
Galvanisation  Galvanisation is the zinc plating process on steel or iron, The part is dipped in and coated with zinc to prevents rusting and other corrosion, used to protect the base materials, for aesthetic purposes. 
Gate Latch A fastening by thumb or by a ring handle of a gate or door which uses a latch bar.
Georgian  English architecture and interior design trends during the reigns of George I, II and III,originally by the architecture of Andrea Palladino in Italian Renaissance and was brought to Britain by  Inigo Jones and Sir Christopher Wren Rope. 
Gothic  Architectural style developed predominantlyin France, 'Gothic', and spread through Europe between roughly the 12th  and 16th century.  'Gothic' characterized by "high pointed arches", ribbed vaults, flying buttresses, slender vertical piers, echoed today throughout interior designers, and door attachments are being  produced in the Gothic tradition. 
Grand Master Key Operates all locks in separate groups having their own master key.
Handed Any product designed only for right hand doors, or only for left hand doors, but not both.
Hand forged  Hand forged metal object which has been shaped and styled by hand and distinguished from casting the metal is shaped by hand using handheld tools, metal is not poured into a mould. 
Handle (Handleset) A handle is a lever distinguished from a knob; a handle is long and designed to be pressed vertically whereas a knob operates by rotatation. Normally door handle with plate & door handle with rose.
Harmon Hinge Hinge with a loop and a slotted hinge plate, can be secured  a  by padlock.
Hasp And Staple Fastening for a door by 2-piece secured by a padlock
Hinge continuous-Piano Hinge) A hinge designed to be the same length as of the door or leaf,
Hinges – Ball Bearing Heavy duty butt hinge with ball bearings fitted between the knuckles to reduce friction
Hinges – Butt Butt hinges are the most common hinges which have two rectangular plates hinged together . One plate goes into the door and the other screws to the door frame.
Hinges – Butterfly Decorative Hinges with two butterfly shaped plates on either sides. Known as Dovetail hinges also used on desks, cabinets and furniture
Hinges – Parliament & Projection Like butt hinge but have the holes on the outer edge of the hinge plate to allows the hinge to give clearance to door frames and architraves & doors can be folded back 180 degrees. Good for doors between a lounge and dining room , external doors.
Hinges – T Hinges look like the letter T & Can be used to hang doors, Normally hand forged and finished with beeswax. T-Hinges are used for Traditional Doors
Hinges H These hinges used on flush mounted door & shaped like the letter H, . Also called parliament hinge.
Hinges HL Very commonly used on doors in the 17-19th centuries, traditional surface mounted hinge which resemble a capital H&L. .
Hold open Door closer feature enables a door to be held in the opened position till released
Horizontal Spring Hinge A spring hinge fastened to the floor and head frame with pivots & mortised horizontally into the bottom rail of a door
Emergency Coin Release Bathroom mortise lock to operate the deadbolt instead of a key ,from the outside by a coin to unlock the door in case of emergency
Inactive Door- Leaf That doors leaf that does not contain a lock and to which the strike is fastened to receive the latch or bolt of the active door & remains bolted when closed, 
Indicator Button Hotel lock system to how whether or not the room is free or occupied.
Integral -Locks And Latches Mortise lock having a cylinder in the knob.
Invisible Hinge A type of hinge totally concealed when the door is closed.
Keep Strike plate-which receives the bolt -normally fitted in door frame
Key Change Different cuts combination in a key that enable it to operate the specific lock for which it is made.
Key Plate Escutcheon cover plate for keyhole
Keyway Inticrated shaped way throughout the cylinder plug to receive the key.
Kick Plate Plate applied on the bottom of the door to A protect the door from being marred.
Knob  the knob is the round door handle & is turned by hand to open a door available in stainless steel, brass, porcelain, glass, wood etc., .
Knuckle Part of a hinge where the pin is inserted.
Lacquered Brass Clear coat of lacquer to protect the shine & protect the finish .
Latch Spring-loaded bevelled bolt used on doors to secure a door in the closed position usually operated by a pair of door handles or doorknobs
Latch Bolt Spring-loaded bevelled bolt used on doors to secure a door in the closed position usually operated by a pair of door handles or doorknobs
Letters Numerals Alphabets  Brass Address plates & Name Plate letters used in building fronts.
Letter Plate A decorative plate with a flap for the post to go through, used with the introduction of the Royal Mail.
Lever Handle-Leverset Handle for operating the latch of a lock.
Lock Set Complete set with knobs, escutcheons or handles & lock / cylinder
Loose Joint Hinge A hinge where the pin is fastened permanently to one knuckle  the other contains the pinhole,  that two parts of the hinge can be disengaged by lifting.
Loose Pin Hinge The hinge having a removable pin to permit the two parts of doors to be separated.
Lost Wax Cast Ancient process in which a bronze sculpture -door hardware is cast from a wax model. The model is dipped in a slurry of silica, to add ceramic material for creating thick walls around the model, wax is melted out of the ceramic and empty ceramic mould is left. Molten metal is then poured into the ceramic mould to produce the product.   
Magnetic Catch A catch works with a magnet to hold the door 
Maison Key System A Master keying system where a different keys group will operate a common lock usually main door lock
Master Key Operates quantity of locks of different individual keys
Master keying An arrangement of pins in individual key changes, allows all to be operated a master key
Matt  A non-glossy 'satin' finish having very low level of reflectivity. 
Mechanical Digital Lock A lock that is operated by a keypad by entering the correct code operates the lock by a pre-determined code. 
Mop Plate A kick plate to protect against mop.
Mortise Lock - Latch A lock designed to be installed in a mortise rather than applied to the door's surface.
Mortise A cavity made to receive a lock or other hardware; also the act of making such a cavity.
Mullion A fixed or movable post dividing an opening vertically.
Multi Point Lock A lock comprising more than one locking point between the door leaf and the door frame, interlinked and centrally operated
Night latch A surface mounted auxiliary lock rim-style and has a spring-loaded latch bolt, operated by a key from outside, and knob from inside with hold back the latch by a sniff. 
Overhead Concealed Closer Door closer concealed in the door frame having an arm connecting with the door frame
Panic Exit Device Instant emergency Panic exit device by pressing on a cross bar that releases the locking bolt or latch.
Parliament Hinge Like butt hinge but have the holes on the outer edge of the hinge plate to allows the hinge to give clearance to door frames and architraves & doors can be folded back 180 degrees. Good for doors between a lounge and dining room , external doors.
Patina Distressed Patinas are created by chemical reaction, sulphurization, occurred during the course of time. Its aesthetically sheen or coloration signifies Bronze Age. 
Patio Lock Lock with a push or turn button to lock from inside & the outside knob or lever.
Pewter Metal alloy of tin, copper and antimony having grey/silver in colour and ideal for items of architectural ironmongery.
Porcelain  A decorative ceramic material ,Porcelain is ideal for the classical, traditional handles and knobs. 
Powder Coated Finish Finish & colour by powder coating which is applied and baked in a high temperature giving it an attractive, durable and corrosion free finish which is low in maintenance
Powder Coating  Powder coating is process to achieve a tougher, harder 'skin' to a piece of door furniture . Created by free-flowing dry powder by the use of electrostatic charging and high-temperature curing. 
Privacy Set Lock for bathroom and bedroom doors having an inside turn button to lock & knob or lever which will unlock the set from the outside.
Pull Bar A bar across a door which when pulled, permits the user to pull open a door .
Push Bar A bar across a door which when pushed, permits the user to push open a door .
Quadrant (Dutch Door) A lock to lock the upper and the lower leafs of a Dutch door.
Rabbet A tight fit abutting edges of a pair of doors or windows . 
Rebated Lock (Or Latch) A lock suitable for Rebated Doors.
Rebated Door A Pair of door leafs where the leading edge has a step.
Retro  A style of furniture design inspired from past styles, fashions and trends of the very recent past. 
Reversible Lock The lock to suit doors of either hand, opening inside or outside
Rim Locks A lock which is surface mounted on the inside panel of a door .
Roller Latch Latch employing a roller head with spring tension.
Roller Strike Strike having a rolling impression to minimize friction of latch.
Rose Rose / Rosette is a small decorative plate on which the door handle / knob is mounted.
Rosette Rose / Rosette is a small decorative plate on which the door handle / knob is mounted.
Rustic   'Traditional' often constructed from iron, or materials reproducing,restorationon iron effect, highly textured, painted black and have a swirled flourish at the end.
Sash Fastener A lock to close the top and bottom sash in a sash window.
Sash lock  A mortise lock which combines a latch to open/close the door with a key-operated deadbolt which locks/unlocks the door fitted with door handle & rose.
Screw less Rose Concealed method of fitting of rose.
Single Cylinder Cylinder featuring a key way on the exterior side.
Split Astragal Astragal that is split in middle, allowing each leaf to operate independently.
Spring Hinge A hinge containing springs to move the door into the normal position.
Stainless Steel  Alloy of iron carbon and at least 10.5% chromium.
Strike Plate Plate installed on the door frame that receives the latch when the door is closed.
Suffolk Latch A traditional method of closing a door, usually made in iron, most usually fitted on a ledge and braced door
Swinging Latch Bolt Hinged Latch Bolt.
Swivel Spindle A spindle having  permit a knob at one end to be rigid while the other end to be free to operate.
Three point Lock A Lock required to lock the active door of double doors at three points.
Thumb Turn Any small knob which is gripped for turning between thumb and finger.
Tubular Lock A lockset requiring round holes for fitting rather than a rectangular mortise preparation.
Tumbler A obstruction that prevents operation of a bolt except by official key.
Two point Latch A Lock required to lock the inactive leaf of double doors at top and bottom.
Universal A term used to describe a hardware device that can be used any hand on doors.
Wax Finish On  black ironmongery items ,the beeswax finish is applied to preserves the lovely delicate colours and textures in the hand forged steel, it gives excellent protection for internal use.
Wrought Steel Wrought iron that is worked to resemble the rustic hand craftsmanship,


Door Hardware & lighting- Glossary with International Translation

Oriental Oriental orientale orientalisch oriental восточный oriental
Accessories/Accessories Accessoire / Accessoires Accessori / Accessori Zubehör / Zubehör Accesorio / Accesorios АКСЕССУАРЫ / Аксессуары Acessórios / Acessórios
Adorable Adorable Adorabile Bezaubernd Adorable Прелестный Adorável
Aesthetic Esthétique Estetico Ästhetisch Estético Эстетический Estético
Aged brass Laiton vieilli Ottone invecchiato Im Alter von Messing Latón envejecido Возраст латунь Latão envelhecido
Aged Bronze Bronze vieilli Bronzo Aged Im Alter von Bronze Bronce envejecido Возраст Бронзовый Bronze Envelhecido
Alphabets,Letters,Numerals Alphabets, lettres, chiffres Alfabeti, lettere, numeri Alphabet, Buchstaben, Zahlen Alfabetos, letras, números Алфавиты, букв, цифр Alfabetos, letras, números
Antique Antique Antico Antik Antiguo Античный Antiguidade
Antique Copper Antique Copper Antique Copper Antique Copper Cobre antiguo Античная медь Antique Copper
Antique nickel Nickel antique Nickel Antique Antique Nickel Níquel antiguo Античный никель Níquel Antique
Architect Architecte Architetto Architekt Arquitecto Архитектор Arquiteto
Architectural Architectural Architettonico Architektonisch Arquitectónico Архитектурный Arquitetônico
Artistic Artistique Artistico Künstlerisch Artístico Художественный Artístico
Attractive Attrayant Attraente Attraktiv Atractivo Привлекательный Atraente
Auxiliary Bolt Auxiliaire Bolt Ausiliario Bolt Hilfs Bolt Perno auxiliar Вспомогательные Болт Auxiliar de Bolt
Auxiliary Dead Latch Loquet auxiliaire Morte Ausiliario Morto Fermo Hilfs Toten Latch Auxiliar Dead Latch Вспомогательные Dead защелки Auxiliar Morto Trava
Back Check Retour Vérifier Indietro Verifica Zurück prüfen Volver consultar Вернуться Проверьте Voltar Verificar
Back Plate Retour Plate Piastra posteriore Rückplatte Placa Trasera Вернуться Plate Voltar Plate
Back Set (Of A Hinge) Retour Définir (d'une charnière) Indietro Imposta (una cerniera) Zurück Festlegen (ein Gelenk) Atrás Configurar (de una bisagra) Назад Установить (с откидной) Voltar Definir (de uma articulação)
Backflap Hinge Charnière volet large Volet Cerniera Backflap Scharnier Backflap Bisagra Backflap Шарнир Backflap dobradiça
Backplate Or Rose Fixed Plaque Or Rose fixe Backplate Or Rose fisso Schild- oder Rosetten Feste Backplate O Rose Fijo Спинка или розового Исправлена Backplate Ou Rose fixo
Backplate Or Rose Loose Plaque Or Rose vrac Backplate Or Rose allentato Schild- oder Rosetten Lose Backplate O Rose Loose Спинка или розового Свободные Backplate Ou Rose solto
Backset (Of A Lock) Distance au canon (d'une serrure) Entrata (Of A Lock) Dornmaß (Of A Lock) Backset (de una cerradura) Дорнмас (Из замка) Backset (de um cadeado)
Baldwin Baldwin Baldwin Baldwin Baldwin Болдуин Baldwin
Ball Catch Balle Catch Palla Cattura Kugelfang Bola Catch Мяч Поймайте Captura Bola
Ball bearing Hinge Charnière roulement à billes Cerniera ballbearing Kugellager-Scharnier Bisagra Ballbearing Шарикоподшипник петли Dobradiça ballbearing
Banisters Rampes Balaustra Treppengeländer Pasamanos Перила Corrimão
Barrel Bolt Barrel Bolt Barrel Bolt Barrel Bolt Barril Perno Бочка Болт Barril de Bolt
Bath Room Salle de bain Bagno in camera Bad Zimmer Bath Room Ванная комната Bath Room
Bathroom Deadbolt Salle de bains pêne dormant Bagno Deadbolt Badezimmer Deadbolt Baño Cerrojo Ванная комната Deadbolt Banho Deadbolt
Bathroom Lock Verrouillage de salle de bains Blocco Bagno Badezimmer Sperre Bloqueo de Baño Блокировка Ванная комната Bloqueio de banho
Beehive Door Knobs Beehive porte Boutons Beehive Door Knobs Beehive Türgriffe Colmena Perillas de puerta Улей дверные ручки Colmeia Maçanetas
Beggar Latch Mendiant Loquet Beggar Fermo Beggar Latch Mendigo Latch Нищий защелки Mendigo Trava
Belgium Belgique Belgio Belgien Bélgica Бельгия Bélgica
Best Meilleur Migliore Beste Mejor Лучший O melhor
Big Grand Grande Groß Grande Большой Grande
Bit (Of A Key) Bit (une touche) Bit (di un tasto) Bit (eines Schlüssels) Bit (de la llave) Бит (ключа) Bit (de uma chave)
Black Noir Nero Schwarz Negro Черный Preto
Bolt Boulon Bullone Bolzen Tornillo Болт Parafuso
Bolt Cranked Bolt Cranked Bolt Cranked Bolt Kurbeln Perno acodado Болт коленчатого Parafuso Cranked
Bolt Straight Bolt droite Bolt dritto Bolt Hetero Straight Perno Болт Прямой Parafuso Hetero
Bore Calibre Foro Bohrloch Taladro Отверстие Perfuração
Box Strike Box grève Box Sciopero Box Streik Box huelga Box Удар Box greve
Brass Laiton Ottone Messing Latón Латунь Bronze
Bright nickel Nickel brillant Nickel Glanznickel Níquel brillante Яркий никель Níquel brilhante
Bronze Bronze Bronzo Bronze Bronce Бронза Bronze
Brushed Nickle Brossé Nickle Spazzolato nichel Gebürstetes Nickel Níquel cepillado Матовый никель Escovou o níquel
Builders Les constructeurs Costruttori Builders Constructores Строители Builders
Builders Hardware Quincaillerie Builders Hardware Builders Hardware Constructores Hardware Строителей Builders Hardware
Cabin Hook Cabin Crochet Cabin Hook Cabin Haken Cabin Hook Кабина Крюк Cabin Gancho
Cabinet Cabinet Mobile Gehäuse Gabinete Кабинет Armário
Cabinet And Cupboard Locks Cabinet et placard Serrures Cabinet e ripostiglio Serrature Schrank und Schrankschlösser Gabinete y alacena Locks Кабинет и шкафом Замки Gabinete E Armário Locks
Carved Sculpté Lavorato Geschnitzte Tallado Резной Esculpido
Carving Sculpture Intaglio Carving Tallado Резьба Escultura
Case (Of A Lock) Case (d'une serrure) Caso (Of A Lock) Fall (einer Sperre) Caso (de una cerradura) Случае (замка) Case (de um cadeado)
Casement And Sash Windows Et battant Fenêtres à guillotine Casement E Sash di Windows Flügel und Schiebefenster Casement y faja de Windows Створки и створки окна Casement E Sash do Windows
Casement Fastener/Window Handle Casement Fastener / Poignée de fenêtre Casement Fastener / Window Handle Casement Fastener / Fenstergriff Casement sujetador identificador de ventana / Створки крепежа / оконная ручка Casement Fastener / identificador de janela
Casement Hinge Battant charnière Casement Cerniera Casement Scharnier Casement Bisagra Створки петли Casement dobradiça
Casement Stay Entrebâilleur Casement Soggiorno Casement Aufenthalt Casement estadía Створки Stay Casement Fique
Casement Window Fenêtre à battant Finestra battente Flügelfenster Casement Window Створки окна Janela Casement
castles châteaux castelli Schlösser castillos замки castelos
Centres Centres Centri Zentren Centros Центры Centros
Ceramic Céramique Ceramica Keramisch Cerámico Керамический Cerâmico
Chain Bolt Chaîne Bolt Catena Bolt Kette Bolt Cadena Perno Сеть Болт Cadeia de Bolt
Chain Door Fastener Chaîne porte Fastener Porta Catena Fastener Kettentürverschluss Cadena Puerta sujetador Дверную цепочку крепежа Cadeia Porta Fastener
Chandeliers Lustres Lampadari Kronleuchter Candelabros Люстры Lustres
Chiselled Ciselé Cesellato Graviert Cincelado Точеный Cinzelado
Chrome Plated Chromé Cromato Verchromt Cromado Хромированная Cromado
Classic Classique Classico Klassiker Clásico Классический Clássico
Coat Hooks Portemanteaux Ganci Coat Kleiderhaken Ganchos para colgar ropa Крючки Ganchos
collection collection collezione Sammlung colección коллекция coleção
Colonial Colonial Coloniale Kolonial Colonial Колониальный Colonial
Contemporary Contemporain Contemporaneo Zeitgenosse Contemporáneo Современный Contemporâneo
Coordinator Coordinateur Coordinatore Koordinator Coordinador Координатор Coordenador
Counter Flap Hinge Contre Flap Charnière Contatore Flap Cerniera Gegenklappenscharnier Contador de bisagra de tapas Счетчик подвески закрылка Contador Flap dobradiça
Craftsmanship Métier Artigianato Handwerkskunst Artesanía Мастерство Habilidade
Creation Création Creazione Schöpfung Creación Создание Criação
Cremone Bolt Crémone Cremonese Basküleverschluss Cremona Cremone Болт Cremone Parafuso
Crutches Béquilles Stampelle Krücken Muletas Костыли Muletas
Crystals Cristaux Cristalli Kristall Cristales Кристаллы Cristais
Cup Escutcheon Coupe Écusson Coppa Rosetta Cup Rosette Copa Chapetón Кубок Розетка Copa Escutcheon
Curtain Rideau Tenda Vorhang Cortina Занавес Cortina
Custom Hardware matériel personnalisé Hardware personalizzato Kundenspezifische Hardware Hardware personalizado Пользовательского оборудования Hardware Personalizado
Custom Hardware Online matériel personnalisé en ligne Hardware ordinazione online Kundenspezifische Hardware Online Custom Hardware Online Специализированного оборудования Интернет Hardware personalizado on-line
Customised Personnalisé Personalizzato Kundenspezifische Personalizado Индивидуальные Personalizado
Cylinder Lock Cylindre de serrure Cilindro della serratura Zylinderschloss Cilindro de bloqueo Замков Cilindro da fechadura
Cylinder Screw Cylindre Vis Cilindro Vite Zylinderschraube Cilindro Tornillo Винт цилиндр Cilindro Screw
Deadbolt (Of A Lock) Pêne dormant (d'une serrure) Catenaccio (Of A Lock) Riegel (Of A Lock) Cerrojo (de una cerradura) Deadbolt (Из замка) Deadbolt (de um cadeado)
Deadbolt Latch Pêne dormant Loquet Deadbolt Fermo Deadbolt Verschluss Cerrojo Pestillo Deadbolt защелки Deadbolt Trava
Deadlock Impasse Punto morto Deadlock Punto muerto Тупик Impasse
Deadlocking Latch Bolt Supercondamnation Boulon du Loquet Deadlocking scrocco Deadlocks Schlossfalle Supercondenación Latch perno Запирание защелка Deadlocking trinco
Decorative Décoratif Decorativo Dekorativ Decorativo Декоративный Decorativo
Delayed Action Action à retardement Azione ritardata Verzögerte Aktion Acción retardada Замедленного действия Ação retardada
Delicate Délicat Delicato Zart Delicado Тонкий Delicado
Delightful Délicieux Delizioso Wunderbar Encantador Восхитительный Delicioso
Designer Concepteur Progettista Konstrukteur Diseñador Дизайнер Desenhista
Distressed Affligé Distressed Bekümmert Angustiado Проблемные Angustiado
Dogging Device Dispositif Dogging Dogging Dispositivo Dogging Geräte Dispositivo Dogging Dogging устройства Dogging Dispositivo
Dolly Switch Dolly Commutateur Interruttore Dolly Dolly einschalten Interruptor Dolly Долли Переключить Dolly Interruptor
Door Accessorie Porte Accessoire Door Accessorie Tür Accessorie Puerta Accesorio Дверь АКСЕССУАРЫ Porta Accessorie
Door Closer Ferme-porte Door Closer Türschließer Cierrapuertas Дверной доводчик Fecho da porta
Door Edging Porte Bordure Door Bordatura Türkanten Puerta del ribete Дверь кромки Porta afiação
Door Fitting Ferrure de porte Door Fitting Beschlag Puerta de montaje Дверь Место Porta Fitting
Door Furniture Meubles porte Porte Mobili Tür- und Möbel Muebles Puerta Дверная фурнитура Porta Furniture
Door Handle With Plate Poignée de porte Avec Plate Maniglia con placca Türgriff Mit Platte Maneta de puerta con placa Дверные ручки с пластиной Maçaneta com placa
Door Handle With Rose Poignée de porte Avec Rose Maniglia Con Rose Türgriff mit Rose Manija de la puerta con Rose Дверные ручки с розой Punho de porta com Rose
Door Hardware Quincaillerie de porte Door Hardware Türbeschläge Hardware de puerta Дверные аксессуары Ferragens
Door Hardware in India Quincaillerie de porte en Inde Hardware Door in india Türbeschläge in Indien Hardware de la puerta en la India Дверные аксессуары в Индии Hardware Door in india
Door Holder Titulaire de porte Holder Porta Türhalter Titular de la puerta Дверь Держатель Titular Porta
Door Knob With Plate Poignée de porte Avec Plate Pomello Porta Con piastra Türgriff Mit Platte Perilla de puerta con placa Дверные ручки с пластиной Botão de porta com placa
Door Knob With Rose Poignée de porte Avec Rose Pomello Porta Con Rose Türknauf mit Rose Perilla de puerta con Rose Дверные ручки с розой Botão de porta com Rosa
Door Knocker Heurtoir Battiporta Türklopfer Aldaba Дверной молоток Aldrava de porta
Door Pivot Porte Pivot Door Pivot Tür Pivot Puerta pivotante Дверь Pivot Porta Pivot
Door Protection Plates Plaques de protection de porte Piastre di protezione Door Türschutzplatten Placas de protección Puerta Плиты Защита двери Placas de proteção da porta
Door Pull Pull de porte Pull Door Türgriff Tire de la puerta Тяги двери Porta Pull
Door Stopper Arrêt de porte Door Stopper Türstopper Tapón de la puerta Дверь Пробка Porta Stopper
Double Cylinder Double Cylindre Doppio cilindro Doppelzylinder Cilindro doble Двухцилиндровый Cilindro Duplo
Double throw Bolt Double jet Bolt Doppio tiro Bolt Doppelsprung Bolt Doble Perno tiro Двухместный бросок Болт Duplo Parafuso lance
Drawer Handle poignée de tiroir maniglia per Cassetto Schubladengriff Manija del cajón Ящик ручки Gaveta Handle
Drawer Roller Tiroir Rouleau Cassetto Roller Drawer Roller Roller Cajón Ящик ролика Gaveta Rolo
Drawer Slides Glissières de tiroirs Slides cassetti Schublade schieben Guías para Cajones Направляющие выдвижных ящиков Gaveta Slides
Drop Ring Anneau baisse Goccia Anello Drop-Ring Drop Ring Падение кольца Anel gota
Dummy Cylinder Dummy Cylindre Dummy Cilindro Dummy-Zylinder Cilindro Maniquí Манекен цилиндр Manequim Cylinder
Dummy Function Fonction Dummy Funzione Dummy Dummy-Funktion Función simulada Манекен Функция Função Manequim
Dummy Trim Dummy Garniture Dummy Trim Dummy Trim TIRADOR Манекен отделка Manequim guarnição
Dustproof Strike Grève à la poussière Antipolvere Sciopero Staubdicht Streik A prueba de polvo huelga Пыле Удар Dustproof greve
Dutch Door Bolt Néerlandais Boulon de porte Dutch Door Bolt Dutch Türriegel Holandés puerta Perno Голландский дверь Болт Dutch Porta Parafuso
Edge Plate Tôle Piastra bordo Randplatte Plate Edge Край плиты Borda Placa
Edge Pull Pull bord Pull Bordo Edge-Pull Tire Edge Край Потяните Borda Pull
Electric Strike Gâche électrique Sciopero elettrico Elektro-Türöffner Huelga eléctrica Электрический удар Greve Elétrica
Electronic Locksets Serrures électroniques Locksets elettronici Elektronische Locksets Cerraduras electrónicas Электронные Locksets Locksets Eletrônico
Elegant Élégant Elegante Elegant Elegante Элегантный Elegante
Emergency Key Key d'urgence Chiave di emergenza Not-Key Clave de Emergencia Аварийный ключ Chave de emergência
Enrico Cassina Enrico Cassina Enrico Cassina Enrico Cassina Enrico Cassina Энрико Кассина Enrico Cassina
Escutcheon Écusson Scudo Wappenschild Escudo Щит герба Brasão
Escutcheons Écussons Bocchette Rosetten Escudos Накладки Os espelhos
Espagnolette Bolt Crémone Bolt Cremonese Bolt Treibriegel Falleba Perno Штанговый Болт Espagnolette Parafuso
Espagnolette Lock Crémone verrouillage Cremonese blocco Stangenschloss Falleba Lock Штанговый замок Espagnolette Bloqueio
Espagnolettes Espagnolettes Cremonesi Drehstangen Fallebas Шпингалеты Espagnolettes
Excellent Excellent Eccellente Ausgezeichnet Excelente Отлично Excelente
Exclusive Exclusif Esclusivo Exklusiv Exclusivo Эксклюзивный Exclusivo
Exit Device Dispositif de sortie Exit Dispositivo Türverschluss Dispositivo de salida Выход устройства Exit Dispositivo
Exotic Exotique Esotico Exotisch Exótico Экзотический Exótico
Expensive Cher Costoso Teuer Caro Дорогой Caro
Export Exportation Esportazione Export Exportación Экспорт Exportação
Exporter Exportateur Esportatore Exporteur Exportador Экспортер Exportador
Exquisite Exquis Squisito Exquisit Exquisito Изысканный Requintado
Extension Flush Bolt Extension Bolt Flush Estensione Bolt Flush Erweiterung Flush Bolt Espaciador Flush Расширение Флеш Болт Extensão Lave Parafuso
Exterior Extérieur Esterno Äußere Exterior Внешний Exterior
Fabulous Fabuleux Favoloso Fabelhaft Fabuloso Невероятный Fabuloso
Fancy Fantaisie Fantasia Phantasie Fantasía Фантазия Extravagante
Fantastic Fantastique Fantastico Fantastisch Fantástico Фантастический Fantástico
Farm House Ferme Agriturismo Bauernhaus Granja Farm House Farm House
Fashionable À la mode Alla moda Modisch De moda Модный Elegante
Faucets Robinets Rubinetti Armaturen Grifos Смесители Torneiras
Finger Plates Finger Plaques Pettini Finger Plates Peines Finger Плиты Dedo Plates
Fitting / Fittings Montage / Raccords Montaggio / Raccordi Montage / Beschläge Montaje / Accesorios Установка / Фитинги Montagem / Fittings
Floor Closer Plancher Closer Piano Closer Boden Closer Piso Closer Этаж ближе Andar mais perto
Floor Hinge Charnière Superficie Piano Cerniera Fußboden-Scharnier Bisagra Suelo Этаж шарнира Piso dobradiça
Floor Machine Machine étage Piano macchina Bodenmaschinen Máquina Suelo Этаж машина Máquina Piso
Floor Spring Plancher printemps Piano Primavera Bodentürschließer Planta Primavera Этаж Весна Pavimento da Primavera
Flooring Revêtement de sol Pavimentazione Bodenbelag Piso Пол Pavimentação
Flush Pull Poignée encastrée Pull Flush Flush Pull Tire Flush Флеш Потяните Lave Pull
Flush Ring Anneau Flush Anello Flush Flush Ring Anillo Flush Флеш Кольцо Lave Anel
Follower Disciple Seguace Anhänger Seguidor Последователь Seguidor
Foot Bolt Pied Bolt Piedi Bolt Fuss Bolt Pie Perno Ноги Болт Pé de Bolt
Forend Têtière Frontale Stulp Guardamanos Цевье Fuste
Forged Forgé Forgiato Gefälscht Falsificado Кованый Forjado
France France Francia Frankreich Francia Франция França
French gold Or français Oro francese Französisch Gold Oro francés Французское золото Ouro Francês
Friction Catch Friction Catch Attrito Cattura Friction Fang Catch Fricción Трение Поймайте Friction Captura
Friction Hinge Friction Charnière Attrito Cerniera Reibungsscharnier Bisagra de fricción Трение Петля Friction dobradiça
Full Length Entry Set Cadrage en pied Entrée Set Figura intera Entry Set Ganzkörperansicht Eintrag Set Encuadre de cuerpo entero Set entrada Полная длина входа, установленной Corpo Inteiro Entrada Set
Furniture Hardware Meubles Articles de fer Mobili Hardware Möbelbeschläge Accesorios de Muebles Мебельная фурнитура Móveis Hardware
Galvanisation Galvanisation Galvanizzazione Galvanisation Galvanización Гальванизация Galvanização
Gate Latch Porte Loquet Porta Fermo Tor Latch Cierre de la puerta Ворота защелки Portão Trava
Georgian Géorgien Georgiano Georgisch Georgiano Грузинский Georgiano
Germany Allemagne Germania Deutschland Alemania Германия Alemanha
Glass Fittings Verre Raccords Raccordi di vetro Glasbeschlagtechnik Guarniciones de vidrio Крепления стекла Encaixes de vidro
Glittering Scintillant Luccicante Glitzernd Brillante Блестящие Reluzente
Gold Or Oro Gold Oro Золото Ouro
Gold plated Plaqué or Placcato oro Vergoldete Chapado en oro Позолоченные Banhado a ouro
Gold Plated 24k (DOR) Plaqué or 24k (DOR) Placcato oro 24k (DOR) Vergoldet 24k (DOR) Chapado en oro de 24k (DOR) Позолоченные 24k (ДОР) Banhado a ouro 24k (DOR)
Gothic Gothique Gotico Gotik Gótico Готический Gótico
Grand Master Key Grand Maître Key Gran Master Key Grand Master Key Gran Master Key Гранд Мастер Ключ Grão-Mestre Key
Grandeur Grandeur Grandiosità Größe Grandeza Величие Grandeza
Great Grand Grande Na Toll Gran Большой Grande
Guard Bar Garde Bar Guard Bar Schutzleiste Guardia Bar Охрана Бар Guarda Bar
Hand Main Mano Hand Mano Рука Mão
Hand forged Forgée main Forgiato a mano Handgeschmiedet Forjada a mano Рука кованые Mão forjado
Handicraft Artisanat Artigianato Kunsthandwerk Artesanía Ручная работа Artesanato
Handles Poignées Maniglie Griffe Manijas Ручки Handles
Handleset Serrure Handleset Garnitur De manija Handleset Handleset
Hardware Matériel Hardware Hardware Hardware Аппаратные средства Ferragens
Harmon Hinge Harmon Charnière Harmon Cerniera Harmon Scharnier Harmon Bisagra Хармон Шарнир Harmon dobradiça
Hasp Moraillon Fermaglio Schließe Aldaba Застежка Ferrolho
Heritage Patrimoine Patrimonio Erbe Patrimonio Наследие Herança
Hinge Charnière Cerniera Scharnier Bisagra Шарнир Dobradiça
Hinges - Ball Bearing Charnières - Roulement à billes Cerniere - Ball Bearing Scharniere - Kugellager Bisagras - Rodamiento de bolas Петли - Подшипник Dobradiças - Ball Bearing
Hinges - Butt Charnières - Butt Cerniere - Butt Scharniere - Kolben- Bisagras - Butt Петли - стыковые Dobradiças - Bundas
Hinges - Butterfly Charnières - Butterfly Cerniere - Butterfly Scharniere - Butterfly Bisagras - Butterfly Петли - Бабочка Dobradiças - Butterfly
Hinges - Hook & Band Charnières - Hook & Band Cerniere - Hook & Band Scharniere - Hook & Band Bisagras - Hook & Band Петли - Хук & Band, Dobradiças - Hook & Banda
Hinges - Parliament & Projection Charnières - Parlement et projection Cerniere - il Parlamento e di proiezione Scharniere - Parlament & Projektion Bisagras - Parlamento y Proyección Петли - парламент и проекции Dobradiças - Parlamento & Projeção
Hinges - Strap Charnières - Bracelet Cerniere - Strap Scharniere - Strap Bisagras - Correa Петли - ремень Dobradiças - Strap
Hinges - T Charnières - T Cerniere - T Scharniere - T Bisagras - T Петли - T Dobradiças - T
Hinges Hl Charnières Hl Cerniere Hl Scharniere Hl Bisagras Hl Петли Hl Dobradiças HL
Historical Historique Storico Geschichtlich Histórico Историческая Histórico
Hold open Maintenez ouverte Tenere aperto Offenhalte Mantenga abierta Держите открытыми Segure aberto
Holdback Retenue Impedimento Holdback Retención Задержка Holdback
Home Maison Casa Zuhause Casa Домой Casa
Hook And Band Hinge Crochet et bande charnière Hook And Band Cerniera Haken und Band-Scharnier Gancho Y Bisagra Band Крюк и группы петель Gancho e dobradiça Banda
Hook Plate Plaque à crochet Hook Piastra Hakenplatte Hook Plate Крюк Plate Gancho Placa
Horizontal Spring Hinge Printemps horizontale Charnière Orizzontale cerniera a molla Horizontal-Frühlings-Scharnier Bisagra Primavera Horizontal Горизонтальная Весна Шарнир Horizontal Dobradiça Primavera
Hotels Hôtels Hotel Hotels Hoteles Отели Hotéis
Import Importation Importazione Import Importación Импорт Importação
Imported Importé Importati Importiert Importado Импортированный Importado
Importer Importateur Importatore Importeur Importador Импортер Importador
Inactive Door (Or Leaf) Porte inactif (ou feuilles) Porta inattivi (o foglia) Inaktive Tür (oder Blatt) Puerta Inactiva (u hoja) Неактивный двери (или листьев) Porta Inativa (Ou Folha)
India Inde India Indien India Индия Índia
Indicator Button Bouton Indicateur Button Indicator Anzeige-Taste Botón Indicador Кнопка Индикатор Botão Indicator
Innovative Inovative Inovative Inovative Inovative Инновационный Inovative
Inside À l'intérieur Dentro Innerhalb Dentro Внутри Dentro
Interior Intérieur Interno Innere Interior Интерьер Interior
Intricate Complexe Intricato Kompliziert Intrincado Сложный Intricado
Invisible Hinge Charnière invisible Cerniera invisibile Invisible Scharnier Bisagra invisible Невидимый шарнир Dobradiça Invisible
Iron Fer Ferro Eisen Hierro Железо Ferro
Ironmongery Quincaillerie Ferramenta Eisenwaren Ferretería Скобяные изделия Ferragens
Italy Italie Italia Italien Italia Италия Itália
Keep Garder Mantenere Halten Mantener Держать Manter
Keeper Gardien Custode Wächter Guardián Хранитель Guardador
Key Plate Plate Key Piastra Key Schlüsselplatten Plate clave Ключ Plate Placa Key
Kick Plate Coup Plate Calcio Piastra Schleuderplatte Kick Plate Цоколь Pontapé de Placa
Kitchen Cuisine Cucina Küche Cocina Кухня Cozinha
Knob Bouton Manopola Knopf Perilla Ручка Botão
Knobs Boutons Manopole Knöpfe Perillas Ручки Maçanetas
Knobset Knobset Pomolo KnobSet KNOBSET Knobset Knobset
Knocker Heurtoir Battente Klopfer Aldaba Дверной молоток Batente
Knuckle Articulation Nocca Knöchel Nudillo Кулак Junta
Lacquered Brass Laiton laqué Brass laccato Lackierte Messing Latón lacado Лаковая латунь Lacados Latão
Lamps Lampes Lampade Lampen Lámparas Лампы Lâmpadas
Latch Loquet Chiavistello Riegel Pestillo Защелка Trinco
Latch Bolt Boulon du Loquet Fermo Bolt Schlossfalle Latch perno Защелка Trinco
Latest Dernier Ultimo Neueste Más reciente Последний Últimas
Leaf (Of A Pair Of Doors) Leaf (d'une paire de portes) Leaf (Di un paio di porte) Leaf (aus einem Paar von Türen) Leaf (De un par de puertas) Leaf (пары дверей) Folha (de um par de portas)
Letter Plate Lettre Plate Lettera Piastra Brief-Platte Placa de la carta Письмо Plate Carta Placa
Letters Numerals Alphabets Brass Lettres chiffres Alphabets Laiton Lettere Numeri Alfabeti Brass Letters Ziffern Alphabets Messing Cartas números Alfabetos Latón Письма цифры алфавитов латунь Letras numerais Alfabetos Latão
Lever Levier Leva Hebel Palanca Рычаг Alavanca
Lever Handle (Leverset) manette (serrures de manette) Leva Maniglia (Leverset) Hebelgriff (Leverset) Manija de palanca (con manillas) Рукоятки рычага (Leverset) Punho da alavanca (Leverset)
Lever set jeu de Levier Set Leva Garnitur Conjunto Palanca Рычаг набор Conjunto Lever
Lever Tumbler Levier Tumbler Leva Tumbler Lever Tumbler Palanca Tumbler Рычаг массажер Lever Tumbler
Lifestyle Mode de vie Stile di vita Lebensstil Estilo de vida Стиль жизни Estilo de vida
Light Lumière Luce Licht Luz Свет Luz
Linea Cali Linea Cali Linea Cali Linea Cali Linea Cali Linea Cali Linea Cali
Lock Rail (Of The Door) Verrouillage ferroviaire (de la porte) Blocco ferroviario (Della Porta) Schloss Rail (der Tür) Bloqueo de Ferrocarril (de la puerta) Блокировка Rail (от двери) Bloqueio Rail (da porta)
Lock Set Lock Set Lock Set Schloss-Set Lock Set УСТАН.БЛОК Lock Set
Lock Stile (Of A Door) Verrouillage Stile (d'une porte) Blocco Stile (di una porta) Schloss Stile (der Tür) Bloqueo Stile (de una puerta) Блокировка Stile (двери) Bloqueio Stile (de uma porta)
Locks Serrures Serrature Schlösser Cabellos Волосы Locks
Locks Keyed Alike/Unalike Serrures entrouvrant / dissemblables Serrature a chiave Alike / unalike Schlösser gleichschließend / unalike Cerraduras con llave Igual / unalike Замки Введенные Alike / Unalike Locks fechado igualmente / unalike
Loose Joint Hinge Charnière lâche Allentato cerniera comune Freie Gelenkscharnier Bisagra Conjunto Loose Свободные Совместное Шарнир Dobradiça Joint solto
Loose Pin Hinge Charnière lâche Pin Allentato Pin Cerniera Lose Pin Hinge Loose Pin Bisagra Свободный Pin петли Solto pino da dobradiça
Lost Wax Cast Perdu Moulage cire Perso Cast Wax Wachsausschmelzverfahren Guss Cera Perdida moldeada Выплавляемым ролях Perdeu Elenco Wax
Luxurious Luxueux Lussuoso Luxuriös Lujoso Роскошный Luxuoso
Luxury Luxe Lusso Luxus Lujo Роскошь Luxo
Made Fabriqué Fatto Gemacht Hecho Сделанный Feito
Made in India Fabriqué en Inde Fatto in India Hergestellt in Indien Hecho en la India Сделано в Индии Feito na Índia
Magnetic Catch Fermeture magnétique Cattura magnetica Magnetverschluss Cierre magnético Магнитный замок Fecho magnético
Main Door Porte principale Main Door Main Door Puerta Principal Main Door Porta principal
Make in India Faire en Inde Fare in India Stellen in Indien Hacer en la India Сделайте в Индии Verifique na Índia
Malleable Iron Fonte malléable Malleabile di ferro Temperguss Hierro maleable Ковкое железо Ferro maleável
Mansion Château Palazzo Villa Casa grande Особняк Mansão
Manufactured Fabriqué Manufatto Hergestellt Fabricado Изготовитель Fabricado
Manufaturer,Importer,Exporter,Supplier Manufaturer, importateur, exportateur, fournisseur Manufaturer, Importer, Exporter, Supplier Manufaturer, Importeur, Exporteur, Lieferant Manufaturer, importador, exportador, Proveedor Manufaturer, Импортер, Экспортер, Поставщик Manufaturer, importador, exportador, fornecedor
Master keying saisie de Maître Maestro keying Hauptschlüssel Modulación por Maestro Мастер ключей Chaveamento Mestre
Matt Mat Opaco Matt Mate Мэтт Matt
Mechanical Digital Lock Mécanique Digital Lock Mechanical Digital Lock Mechanische Digital Lock Mecánica Digital Lock Механическая цифровой замок Bloqueio Digital Mecânica
Modern Moderne Moderno Moderne Moderno Современный Moderno
Monkey Tail Bolt Queue de singe Bolt Scimmia Tail Bolt Affe Schwanz Bolt Mono de la cola del perno Обезьяна Хвост Болт Macaco Rabo de Bolt
Mop Plate Mop Plate Mop Piastra Wischplatte Mop Plate Швабра Plate Mop Placa
Mortise Mortaise Mortasare Verzapfen Mortaja Паз Embutir
Mortise Bolt Mortaise Bolt Mortise Bolt Einsteckschloss Bolt Embutir Perno Врезной Болт Mortise Parafuso
Mortise Lock Serrure à larder Serratura Einsteckschloss Mortaja Врезной замок Mortise Lock
Mortise Plate Plate mortaise Piastra Mortise Einsteck-Platte Placa de embutir Врезной Plate Placa Mortise
Mullion Mullion Mullion Sprosse Parteluz Средник Mullion
Multi Point Lock Point de verrouillage multi Multi Point blocco Multi Point Sperre Multi Point Lock Многоточечная блокировка Multi-ponto de bloqueio
Night latch verrou de nuit Latch Notte Nachtverriegelung Pestillo Noche Ночь защелки Trinco Noite
Oil rubbed huilé olio strofinato Öl eingerieben aceite frotó масло втирают óleo esfregou
Old Vieux Vecchio Alt Viejo Старый Velho
Old Gold (POV) Old Gold (POV) Old Gold (POV) Old Gold (POV) Oro Viejo (POV) Old Gold (POV) Old Gold (POV)
Old Gold 24k (OA) Old Gold 24k (OA) Old Gold 24k (OA) Old Gold 24k (OA) Old Gold 24k (OA) Old Gold 24k (ОА) Ouro Velho 24k (OA)
Old Silver Plated (AV) Old Plaqué Argent (AV) Old Silver Plated (AV) Alt-Silber überzogene (AV) Plata Vieja plateado (AV) Старый Серебряный позолоченный (AV) Old prateado (AV)
Om porro Om porro Om porro Om Porro Porro OM Om Порро Om porro
Online Sale Vente en ligne Vendite online Online-Verkauf Venta Online Интернет Продажа Venda on-line
Online Store Boutique en ligne Online Store Online-Shop Tienda en línea Интернет-магазин Online Store
Outside Extérieur Fuori Außerhalb Fuera Вне Fora
Overhead Concealed Closer Overhead dissimulé Closer Overhead a scomparsa Closer Obentürschließer Verdeckt Superior oculto Closer Накладные Скрытый Ближе Overhead Oculto mais perto
Pair Paire Coppia Paar Par Пара Par
Palace Palais Palazzo Schloss Palacio Дворец Palácio
Panic Exit Device Panic dispositif de sortie Panic Exit Dispositivo Paniktürverschluss Pánico Dispositivo de salida Паника Выход устройства Panic Exit Dispositivo
Patina Patine Patina Patina Pátina Патина Pátina
Patiné mat Mat patiné Mat Patiné Patiné Matte Estera PATINE Patiné коврик Mat patine
Patio Lock Patio de verrouillage Patio di blocco Patio Sperre Patio Lock Патио блокировки Patio de bloqueio
Pewter Étain Peltro Zinn Peltre Оловянный Peltre
Pin Tumblers Pin Gobelets Pin Bicchieri Stiftzuhaltungen Pin Vasos Штифтами Pin Tumblers
Pivot Pivot Perno Drehpunkt Pivote Стержень Articulação
Plug (Of A Cylinder) Plug (un cylindre) Plug (di un cilindro) Stecken (eines Zylinders) Enchufe (de un cilindro) Подключите (цилиндра) Ligue (de um cilindro)
Polish Polonais Polacco Polnisch Polaco Польский Polonês
Polished Brass (OL) Laiton poli (OL) Ottone lucido (OL) Messing poliert (OL) Latón pulido (OL) Полированная латунь (ПР) Latão polido (OL)
Polished Silver - Old Gold (AL/POV) Argent poli - Old Gold (AL / POV) Argento lucido - Old Gold (AL / POV) Poliertes Silber - Old Gold (AL / POV) Pulido Plata - Oro Viejo (AL / POV) Полированного серебра - Old Gold (AL / POV) Prata Polido - Old Gold (AL / POV)
Porcelain Porcelaine Porcellana Porzellan Porcelana Фарфор Porcelana
Portugal Portugal Portogallo Portugal Portugal Португалия Portugal
Powder Coated Enduit de poudre Verniciato a polvere Pulverbeschichtet Recubrimiento de polvo С порошковым покрытием Pó revestido
Precious Précieux Prezioso Kostbar Precioso Драгоценный Precioso
Premium Prime Premio Prämie Prima Премия Prêmio
Prestigious Prestigieux Prestigioso Prestige- Prestigioso Престижный Prestigioso
Privacy Set Confidentialité Set Privacy Set Datenschutz Set Set de Privacidad Конфиденциальность Set Set de Privacidade
Professionals Professionnels Professionisti Professionals Profesionales Профессионалы Profissionais
Project Keying Systems Systèmes Keying projet Progetto Keying Sistemi Projekt Keying-Systeme Proyecto Keying Sistemas Проект манипуляция системы Projeto Keying Sistemas
Projection Projection Proiezione Projektion Proyección Проекция Projeção
Projects Projets Progetti Projekte Proyectos Проекты Projetos
Pull Tirer Tirare Ziehen Halar Тянуть Puxe
Pull Bar Tirez Bar Pull Bar Ziehen Bar Tire Bar Потяните панель Puxe Bar
Pull Plate Pull Plate Pull Piatto Pull-Kennzeichen Tire de la Plata Потяните Plate Pull Placa
Push Bar Poussez Bar Spingere Bar Schieben Bar Empuje Bar Толкатель Empurre Bar
Push Plate Plaque à pousser Spingere Piastra Schiebeplatte Placa de empuje Нажмите Plate Empurre Placa
Rabbet Feuillure Scanalatura Falz Ranura Шпунт Encaixe
Radius Rayon Raggio Radius Radio Радиус Raio
Rebated Door Anglet porte Anglet Door Gefälzte Tür Rebated Puerta Фальцевых дверей Filetes Porta
Reinforcing Unit Unité de renfort Rafforzare Unità Verstärkungseinheit Refuerzo de la Unidad Усиление Единица Unidade de Reforço
Rekeying Rekeying Riassegnazione delle chiavi Rekeying Rekeying Смена ключей Rekeying
Replica Réplique Replica Replik Réplica Копия Réplica
Reproduction Reproduction Riproduzione Wiedergabe Reproducción Воспроизведение Reprodução
Residential Résidentiel Residenziale Wohn Residencial Жилой Residencial
Restoration Restauration Restauro Wiederherstellung Restauración Восстановление Restauração
Restoration hardware finishes finitions de matériel de restauration Rivestimenti dei fissaggi Restauro Restoration Hardware-Ausführungen Acabados de hardware Restauración Restoration Hardware отделки Acabamentos de hardware Restauração
Restoration Hardware Online Restoration Hardware en ligne Restoration Hardware online Restoration Hardware Online Restoration Hardware Online Restoration Hardware Интернет Restoration Hardware On-line
Retro Rétro Retro Retro Retro Ретро Retro
Reversible Lock Serrure réversible Blocco reversibile Reversible Sperre Bloqueo reversible Реверсивный замок Bloqueio Reversible
Rich Riche Ricco Reich Rico Богатые Rico
Rim Jante Orlo Rand Llanta Обод Aro
Rim Locks Rim Serrures Rim Locks Felgenschlösser Lamer Locks Накладные замки Rim Locks
Rocky Mountain Rocky Mountain Rocky Mountain Rocky Mountain De las Montañas Rocosas Rocky Mountain Rocky Mountain
Roller Latch Rouleau Loquet Roller Fermo Rollfalle Latch Roller Ролик защелки Rolo Trava
Roller Strike Rouleau grève Roller Sciopero Roller Streik Huelga Roller Ролик удара Rolo greve
Rose Rose Rose Rose Rose Роуз Rose
Rosette Rosette Rosone Rosette Rosetón Розетка Roseta
Rounded Front Arrondie avant Rounded anteriore Abgerundete Vorder Redondeado delantero Выпуклая передняя Arredondado Frente
Rust Rouille Ruggine Rost Herrumbre Ржавчина Ferrugem
Rust Patina Rust Patina Rust Patina Rust Patina Rust Patina Ржавчина Патина Rust Patina
Rustic Rustique Rustico Rustikal Rústico Деревенский Rústico
salice Paolo Salice Paolo salice Paolo salice Paolo salice Paolo Salice Paolo salice Paolo
sand casting moulage en sable colata in sabbia Sandguss moldeo en arena литье в песчаные формы fundição em areia
Sanitary Fittings Raccords sanitaires Raccordi sanitari Sanitärarmaturen Guarniciones sanitarias Санитарно-техническое оборудование Acessórios sanitários
Sash Chain Chaîne de Sash Sash Catena Sash Ketten Sash Cadena Sash цепи Sash Cadeia
Sash Cord Cordon Sash Cord Sash Gewichtsschnur Cordón Sash Sash шнура Cord Sash
Sash Fastener Sash Fastener Sash Fastener Vorreiber Sash sujetador Sash крепежа Sash Fastener
Sash Lock Sash verrouillage Sash blocco Rahmenschloss Sash Lock Sash блокировки Sash Bloqueio
Satin Black Pearl (BPS) Satin Black Pearl (BPS) Satin Black Pearl (BPS) Satin Black Pearl (BPS) Satén Negro Perla (BPS) Satin Black Pearl (BPS) Satin Black Pearl (BPS)
Satin brass Laiton satiné Ottone Satin Satin Messing Satén latón Матовая латунь Cetim bronze
Satin Bronze (BAS) Bronze satiné (BAS) Satin Bronze (BAS) Satin Bronze (BAS) Bronce Satinado (BAS) Сатин бронза (BAS) Satin Bronze (BAS)
Satin nickel Nickel satiné Nickel satinato Satin-Nickel Níquel satinado Сатин никель Satin níquel
Satin Silver - Old Gold (AO/POV) Satin Silver - Old Gold (AO / POV) Satin Silver - Old Gold (AO / POV) Satin Silver - Old Gold (AO / POV) Satinado de Plata - Oro Viejo (AO / POV) Satin Silver - Old Gold (AO / POV) Satin Silver - Old Gold (AO / POV)
Screen Door Latch Écran loquet de porte Schermo Porta Fermo Screen Door Latch Screen Door Latch Экран Дверная защелка Tela Trava da porta
Screw less Knob Visser moins Knob Vite meno Knob Schrauben Sie weniger Knob Tornillo menos Knob Винт меньше ручку Parafuso menos Knob
Secret Gate Latch Secret Porte Loquet Segreto Porta Fermo Geheime Tor Latch Secreto Cierre de la puerta Секрет Ворота защелки Segredo trava porta
Security Systems Systèmes de sécurité Sistemi di Sicurezza Sicherheitssysteme Sistemas de Seguridad Системы безопасности Sistemas de Segurança
Selection Sélection Selezione Auswahl Selección Выбор Seleção
Shank (Of A Knob) Shank (d'un bouton) Shank (di una manopola) Shank (eines Knopfes) Vástago (de una perilla) Shank (из ручки) Shank (de um botão)
Shelf Pin Étagère Pin Shelf Pin Shelf Pin Estante Pin Срок Pin Shelf Pin
Shower Douche Doccia Dusche Ducha Душ Chuveiro
Shutter Bar Shutter Bar Bar Shutter Shutter Bar Shutter Bar Бар затвора Shutter Bar
Silicon Bronze Silicon Bronze Silicon Bronze Silicon Bronze Silicio Bronce Silicon Бронзовый Silicon Bronze
Single Cylinder Monocylindre Monocilindrico Einzylinder Cilindro Одноцилиндровый Único cilindro
Sliding Glissement Scorrevole Gleitend Corredizo Скользящий Deslizamento
Sliding Doors Portes coulissantes Porte scorrevoli Schiebetüren Puertas corredizas Раздвижные двери Portas de correr
Solid Brass Laiton massif Ottone massiccio Massivem Messing Latón macizo Твердый латунный Latão
Sophisticated Sophistiqué Sofisticato Anspruchsvoll Sofisticado Сложный Sofisticado
Spain Espagne Spagna Spanien España Испания Espanha
Spindle Broche Mandrino Spindel Huso Шпиндель Fuso
Split Astragal Astragale de Split Split Astragal Split Astragal Dividir astrágalo Сплит Астрагал Dividir Astragal
Spring Hinge Charnière Primavera cerniera Frühlings-Scharnier Resorte de la bisagra Весна Шарнир Primavera dobradiça
Stainless Steel Acier Inoxydable Acciaio Inossidabile Edelstahl Acero Inoxidable Нержавеющая Сталь Aço Inoxidável
Stairs Escaliers Scala Treppe Escalera Лестница Escada
Strike Plate Gâche Sciopero Piastra Schließblech Huelga Plate Удар Plate Placa de greve
Stylish Élégant Elegante Stilvoll Elegante Стильный Elegante
Suffolk Latch Suffolk Loquet Suffolk Latch Suffolk Latch Suffolk Latch Suffolk защелки Suffolk Trava
Swarovski Swarovski Swarovski Swarovski Swarovski Swarovski Swarovski
Swinging Latch Bolt Balancer Boulon du Loquet Swinging scrocco Swinging Schlossfalle Swinging Latch perno Размахивая защелка Swinging trinco
Switch Plate Plaque d'interrupteur Interruttore Piastra Switch Plate Placa de interruptor Переключить Plate Switch Plate
T Handle T Handle T Handle Griff- T Mango T Ручка T Handle
T Hinge T Charnière T Cerniera T-Scharnier T Bisagra T Шарнир T Dobradiça
Taps Taps Rubinetti Gewindebohrer Grifos Краны Torneiras
The manor le manoir il maniero das Herrenhaus la mansión усадьба a mansão
Three point Lock Trois points de verrouillage Blocco a tre punti Drei-Punkt-Verriegelung Bloqueo de tres puntos Три точечным замком Três pontos de bloqueio
Threshold Seuil Soglia Schwelle Umbral Порог Limiar
Throw (Of A Deadbolt Or Latch Bolt) Jeter (Of A dormant ou un verrou Bolt) Gettare (Di un catenaccio o scrocco) Werfen (Of A Riegel oder Fallen) El tiro (de un cerrojo o pestillo Tornillo) Бросьте (Из Deadbolt или защелка Болт) Jogue (Of A Deadbolt Ou Trava Bolt)
Thumb Press Appuyez sur le pouce Thumb Press Daumen drücken Pulgar Prensa Thumb Пресс- Thumb Imprensa
Thumb Turn Mettez Thumb Thumb Turno Thumb Schalten Pulgar Turn С поворотной ручкой Thumb Ligue
Tiles Carrelage Tiles Fliesen Azulejos Плитка Tiles
Titanium Titane Titanio Titan Titanio Титан Titânio
Towel Rack Porte-serviettes Portasciugamano Handtuchhalter De toallas Вешалка для полотенец Toalheiros
Towel Rod Serviette Rod Asciugamano Rod Handtuchstange Toalla de Rod Полотенце Род Toalha Rod
Tower Bolt Tour Bolt Torre Bolt Turm Bolt Torre Perno Башня Болт Torre de Bolt
Tower Bolts Tour Boulons Torre Bulloni Turm Schrauben Torre Tornillos Башня Болты Torre Bolts
Traditional Traditionnel Tradizionale Traditionell Tradicional традиционный Tradicional
Tubular Lock Tubulaire de verrouillage Tubolare di blocco Tubular Lock- Tubular Lock Трубчатые блокировки Tubular Bloqueio
Tubular Mortise Latch Tubulaire mortaise Loquet Tubular Mortise Fermo Tubular Einsteckschloss Latch Tubular de embutir Latch Трубчатые врезной защелки Tubular Mortise Trava
Tumbler Gobelet Acrobata Becher Vaso Стакан Copo de vidro
Turn Piece Tourner Girare Pezzo Drehen Stück Virar la pieza Поверните кусок Virar
Two point Latch Deux points Loquet Due punto fermo Zwei-Punkt-Verriegelung Dos puntos Latch Два точка защелка Dois ponto Trava
U.K U.K U.K U.K. U.K U.K U.K
Unique Unique Unico Einzigartig Único Уникальный Único
Universal Universel Universale Universal- Universal Универсальный Universal
Unlacquered Brass Laiton non laqué Brass unlacquered Unlackierte Messing Latón sin lacar Нелакированную латунь Unlacquered Latão
Vary Beautiful Variez Beautyfull Variare Beautyfull Vary Beauty Varíe de Beautyfull Вары Beautyfull Varie Beautyfull
Victorian Victorien Vittoriano Viktorianisch Victoriano Викторианский Vitoriano
Villa Villa Villa Villa Villa Вилла Vila
Ward Quartier Reparto Station Sala Подопечный Enfermaria
Wax Finish Cire Terminer Wax Finish Wachs Cera- Воском Wax Finish
Wedge Plate Plate Wedge Wedge Piastra Keilplatte Wedge Plate Клин Plate Prato Wedge
White Bronze Blanc Bronze White Bronze Weiß Bronze Blanco Bronce Белый Бронзовый Branco Bronze
Window Fenêtre Finestra Fenster Ventana Окно Janela
Window Fitting Montage fenêtre Finestra Fitting Fenstermontage Montaje de Ventanas Окно Место Janela Fitting
Wonderful Merveilleux Meraviglioso Wunderbar Maravilloso Замечательный Maravilhoso
Wooden En bois Di legno Hölzern De madera Деревянный De madeira
Wooden doors Portes en bois Porte in legno Holztüren Puertas de madera деревянные двери portas de madeira
Wrought Forgé Battuto Schmiede Forjado Кованое Forjado
Wrought Iron Fer Forgé Ferro Battuto Schmiedeeisen Hierro forjado Сварочное железо Ferro Forjado
Wrought Steel Acier Forgé Acciaio Battuto Schmiedestahl Acero forjado Кованные стальные Aço forjado
Yale Yale Yale Yale Yale Йельский университет Yale
Angle Stops Arrête angle battute angolari Winkelanschläge Llavesdecierreenángulo Угол Остановка ângulo Stops
Apron Sinks puits Tablier grembiule Lavelli Schürze Sinks Delantal Fregaderos фартук Раковины avental Sinks
Architectural Hinges Hinges architecturaux Cerniere architettonici architektonische Scharniere Las bisagras de arquitectura Архитектурные Шарниры Dobradiças de arquitectura
Astragals astragale astragali Astragals astrágalos астрагалы Astragals
Awning Window Hardware Quincaillerie de fenêtre Auvent Tenda Finestra Hardware Vorzeltfensterbeschläge Toldo Ventana Hardware Навес Окно Оборудование Janela Hardware Toldo
Awning Window Hinges Hinges fenêtre Awning Tenda da sole Finestra Cerniere Vorzeltfensterscharniere Toldo de ventana Bisagras Тентовые оконные петли Toldo Dobradiças de janela
Backplates Backplates contropiastre Schilder backplates Backplates backplates
Ball Tip Hinges Balle Conseil Hinges Palla Tip Cerniere Ball Tip Scharniere Bisagras punta esférica Шаровидных Шарниры Bola Dica Dobradiças
Bar Faucets Robinets de bar Rubinetti Bar Bar-Hähne Los grifos de barras Бар Смесители Torneiras Bar
Basket Strainers Crépines Filtri Basket Siebkorbfilter Los coladores cesta Корзина Сетчатые Filtros cesta
Bath Accessories Accessoires de bain Accessori Bagno Badezubehör Accesorios de baño Ванна принадлежности Acessórios de banho
Bath Hardware Bath Hardware Bagno Hardware Bad-Hardware Herrajes para baño Ванна Оборудование Bath Hardware
Bathroom Accessories Accessoires de salle de bain Accessori da bagno Badezimmerzubehör Accesorios de baño Ванные принадлежности Acessórios de banheiro
Bathroom Hardware salle de bains Matériel bagno Hardware Badezimmerzubehör baño de hardware Ванная комната Оборудование banheiro Hardware
Bathroom Hooks Crochets de salle de bain Ganci da bagno Badezimmer Hooks Ganchos de baño ванные Крючки Hooks banheiro
Bathroom Mirrors Miroirs specchi da bagno Badspiegel Espejos de baño Зеркала для ванной комнаты Espelhos
Bathroom Vanities Salle de bain Vanités vanità bagno Badezimmer-Eitelkeiten tocadores de baño Ванная Тщеславие vaidade do banheiro
Bathtub Faucets Robinets de baignoire Rubinetti vasca da bagno Badewanne Armatur grifos de la bañera Ванна Смесители torneiras da banheira
Bidets bidets bidet Bide bidé Биде bidês
Body Sprays Vaporisateurs pour le corps spray per il corpo Körper Sprays rociadores para el cuerpo Спреи для тела sprays para o corpo
Box Hinges Hinges Box box Cerniere Box Scharniere Las bisagras de la caja Box Шарниры Box Dobradiças
Butt Hinges Butt Hinges Cerniere Butt Kolben-Scharniere Bisagras a tope Стыковые Шарниры Dobradiças bumbum
Cabinet Catches Les prises Cabinet cabinet catture Kabinett Catches Las capturas de gabinete кабинет Уловы gabinete de capturas
Cabinet Hardware Cabinet Hardware cabinet Hardware Cabinet Hardware hardware del gabinete Кабинет Оборудование Cabinet Hardware
Cabinet Hinges Cabinet Hinges cabinet Cerniere Cabinet Scharniere Las bisagras del gabinete кабинет Шарниры gabinete Dobradiças
Cabinet Knobs Boutons du Cabinet cabinet Manopole Möbelknöpfe perillas del gabinete кабинет Knobs Cabinet Knobs
Cabinet Lighting Cabinet d'éclairage illuminazione del Governo Kabinett-Beleuchtung iluminación del gabinete Кабинет освещения Cabinet Lighting
Cabinet Locks Serrures Cabinet cabinet Serrature Schrankschlösser gabinete Cerraduras Кабинет замки Cabinet Locks
Cabinet Pulls Cabinet Pulls cabinet tira Cabinet Pulls gabinete tira Кабинет Тянет gabinete puxa
Cane Bolts Boulons canne Cane Bulloni Cane Bolzen caña de pernos Тростниковые Болты Cane Bolts
Carved Corbels Corbeaux sculpté Mensole intagliate geschnitzt Corbels ménsulas talladas Резные Карнизы Corbels esculpidas
Carved Ornaments ornements sculptés Ornamenti intagliato geschnitzten Verzierungen ornamentos tallados Резные украшения ornamentos esculpidos
Carved Rosettes Rosettes sculpté rosette scolpite geschnitzt Rosetten Los rosetones talladas Резные Rosettes rosetas esculpidas
Casement Adjusters Ajusteur battant Aggiustatori Casement Fensterflügel Timmern Ajustadores abatibles Створки Монтажники Ajustadores casement
Casement Fasteners Éléments d'assemblage battants Casement Fasteners Drehriegel Los sujetadores abatibles Створки Крепеж casement Fixadores
Casement Locks Serrures à battants Casement Locks Flügel Locks Casement Locks Кейсмент замки Casement Locks
Casement Operators opérateurs battants Operatori Casement Flügel Operatoren Los operadores abatibles Створки Операторы Operadores casement
Casement Track Casement piste Casement Traccia Fensterflügel Spur Casement Pista Кейсмент Track Pista Casement
Cast Iron Sinks Fonte de fer éviers Ghisa Lavelli Gusseisen Sinks El hierro fundido Fregaderos Чугунные Мойки Fundido Sinks Ferro
Chest Corners Coins poitrine Petto Corners Chest Corners Esquinas de pecho Грудь уголки peito Corners
Closet Placard Guardaroba Schrank Armario Стенной шкаф Armário de roupa
Closet Rods Rods placard Closet Canne Closet Rods armario Varillas Шкаф Стержни Closet Rods
Concealed Hinges Hinges Concealed cerniere a scomparsa Verdeckte Scharniere bisagras ocultas Скрытые петли dobradiças ocultas
Console Console consolle Konsole Consola Консоль Console
Continuous Hinges Hinges en continu Cerniere continue Stangenscharniere Bisagras continuas Непрерывные петли Dobradiças contínuas
Countertop Supports Supports de comptoir Supporti del controsoffitto Aufsatz- Unterstüzung Apoyos de la encimera Прилавок Поддержка Apoia bancada
Cup Holders Porte-gobelet Portabicchieri Becherhalter Portavasos Держатели стаканов titulares Cup
Deadbolts deadbolts catenacci deadbolts cerrojos Засовы deadbolts
Deck Mount Faucets Robinets de montage de pont Deck Rubinetti Mount Deck Berg-Hähne Grifería de montaje en cubierta Палубные Маунт Смесители Plataforma Torneiras Monte
Decorative Hinges pentures décoratives Cerniere decorativi Dekorative Scharniere Las bisagras decorativas Декоративные Петли Dobradiças decorativas
Decorative Hooks Crochets décoratifs Ganci decorativi dekorative Haken Ganchos decorativos Декоративные крючки Ganchos decorativos
Decorative Side Plates Plaques latérales décoratives Piastre laterali decorative Dekorative Seitenplatten Placas laterales decorativos Декоративные боковые пластины Placas laterais decorativas
Door Bell Buttons Boutons CARILLON Pulsanti campanello per porte Klingeltaster Puerta de Bell Botones Дверной звонок Кнопка Sino de porta Botões
Door Bolts Verrous Bulloni per porte Türriegel cerrojos de puertas Дверная Болты Parafusos de porta
Door Bottoms Bas de porte Bottoms porte Tür Bottoms Las partes inferiores de las puertas Дверная Днища Bottoms porta
Door Bumpers Pare-chocs de porte porta Bumpers Türdämpfer topes de la puerta Дверь Бамперы porta Bumpers
Door Hinges Charnières de porte Cardini della porta Türscharniere Bisagras de puerta Дверные петли dobradiças
Door Hooks Crochets de porte Ganci per porte Türhaken Los ganchos de puertas дверные Крючки Ganchos de porta
Door Knobs Boutons de porte maniglie delle porte Türgriffe pomos de las puertas дверные ручки maçanetas
Door Knockers Heurtoirs Battenti Türklopfer aldabas дверные молотки batentes da porta
Door Levers Levers porte leve dello sportello Türdrücker Las palancas de las puertas Дверь Рычаги puxadores
Door Locks Verrouillage automatique des portes Serrature Türschlösser Cerraduras de las puertas Дверные замки Fechaduras
Door Pulls poignées de porte porta tira Türgriffe manijas de las puertas Дверь Тянет porta puxa
Door Stops Arrête la porte fermate porta Türstopper la puerta se detenga Остановки дверей Pára porta
Door Sweeps Coupe-bises sweep porte Tür Sweeps burletes Дверная Лапы varreduras de portas
Door Track porte piste binario della porta Torlaufschiene carril de la puerta Дверь Track Pista porta
Door Viewers Judas spioncini Tür-Projektoren Los espectadores de la puerta дверные Зрители Os espectadores porta
Doorbell Buttons Boutons sonnette Pulsanti campanello Klingeltastern timbre Botones Doorbell Кнопки campainha Botões
Doors Des portes Porte Türen puertas двери portas
Double Acting Hinges Double Hinges par intérim Cerniere a doppio effetto Doppeltwirkend Scharniere Las bisagras dobles Actuación Двойное действие Шарниры Duplo efeito Dobradiças
Double Basin Sinks Double vasque bassin Doppio lavello Lavelli Doppelwaschbecken Spülen Lavabo doble lavamanos Двойная раковина Раковина Pia dupla Sinks
Drains drains Scarichi Drains desagües Водостоки drenos
Draw Pull Catches Dessiner des captures Pull Disegnare catture Pull Zeichnen Sie Pull Verschlüsse Dibuje las capturas y jalar Draw Pull Задвижки Desenhe capturas Pull
Drawer Organizers Organisateurs tiroir Gli organizzatori del cassetto Schublade Veranstalter Los organizadores del cajón Выдвижные Организаторы gaveta organizadores
Drawer Slides Coulisse cassetti diapositive Drawer Slides cajones Выдвижные Слайды gaveta Slides
Drop In Sinks Drop In puits DROP IN Lavelli Drop In Sinks Caída en el lavamanos Drop In Раковины Drop In Sinks
Drop Pulls goutte Pulls goccia tira Tropfen Pulls gota tirones падение Тянет gota puxa
Drop Rings chute Anneaux Anelli di goccia Zurrösen Anillos de caída Капля Кольца gota Anéis
Dummy Locksets Dummy Locksets Dummy Locksets Dummy Locksets ficticias Locksets Фиктивные Locksets manequim locksets
Edge Pulls bord se retire bordo tira Edge-Pulls Tira de borde Край Тянет borda Puxa
Electric Outlet Prise électrique Presa elettrica Steckdose Enchufe Розетка Tomada elétrica
Electric Strikes gâches électriques incontri elettrici Elektro-Türöffner Cerraduras eléctricas Электрические Забастовки greves elétricos
Electric Switch Covers Couvre interrupteur électrique Copertine interruttore elettrico Elektrische Schalterabdeckungen Cubiertas interruptor eléctrico Электрические Covers переключателя Covers interruptor elétrico
Electronic Locks Serrures électroniques serrature elettroniche elektronische Türschlösser Cerraduras electrónicas Электронные замки Fechaduras eletrônicas
Entry Sets Ensembles d'entrée Imposta di ingresso Eintrag Sets Conjuntos de entrada Входные наборы Conjuntos entrada
Escutcheon Plates Plaques Ecusson Piastre rOSETTA Schlüsselschilder Las placas escutcheon подрозетник Планшеты placas escudo
European Door Accessories Manufacturer Accessoires Porte européenne Fabricant Europea Accessori per porte Produttore Europäisches Türzubehör Hersteller Accesorios Europea Puerta Fabricante Европейский Дверные аксессуары Производитель Acessórios Europeia Porta Fabricante
European Door Fitting Manufacturer Fabricant de montage porte européenne Porta europea montaggio Produttore Europäische Toreinbau Hersteller Puerta Europea de montaje del fabricante Европейская дверь Место Производитель Porta Europeia Fabricante Fitting
European Door Handle Manufacturer Fabricant européen Poignée de porte Europea Maniglia Produttore European Türgriff Hersteller Manija de puerta europea del fabricante Европейский дверные ручки Производитель Maçaneta Europeia Fabricante
European Door Hardware Manufacturer Fabricant européen Quincaillerie de porte Europea Hardware Porta Produttore Europäische Tür-Hardware Hersteller Accesorios para puertas Europea Fabricante Европейский дверная фурнитура Производитель Porta Hardware Europeia Fabricante
European Hinges Hinges européennes Cerniere europee Europäische Scharniere Las bisagras europeas европейские Стержни Dobradiças europeus
Exit Devices Les dispositifs de sortie maniglioni Exit Devices Dispositivos de salida Выход устройства Dispositivos de saída
Exposed Shower Systems Systèmes de douche Exposed Sistemi doccia esterno Exposed Duschsysteme Sistemas de ducha expuestos Открытые душевые системы Sistemas de Duche expostas
Faucets robinets rubinetti Armaturen grifos Смесители Torneiras
Fences clôtures Recinzioni Zäune vallas Заборы cercas
Finial Tipped Hinges Faîteaux Tipped Hinges Finial con punta Cerniere Finial gespitzte Scharniere Bisagras con punta de remate Finial наконечником Шарниры Florão Derrubados Dobradiças
Fireclay Sinks chamotte puits Chamotte Lavelli Schamott Sinks sumideros de arcilla refractaria шамотный Раковины refractários Sinks
Fixing Systems Systèmes de fixation Sistemi di fissaggio Befestigungssysteme Sistemas de Fijación Водосточные системы Sistemas de fixação
Flush Bolts Targettes bulloni a livello Flush Bolts Los pernos al ras Flush Болты parafusos flush
Flush Pulls Poignées cuvette Nicchie Flush Pulls Cubetas Промывать Тянет puxa nivelados
Freestanding Tubs autoportantes Tubs Vasche freestanding Freistehende Tubs bañeras exentas Корпусная Баки Tubs independentes
Friction Catches Les prises de friction Le catture di attrito Friction Catches Las capturas de fricción фрикционные Уловы As capturas de fricção
Furniture Handles Poignées de meubles Maniglie per mobili Möbelgriffe Los mangos de muebles ручки для мебели Puxadores imobiliários
Furniture Hinges Hinges Meubles Cerniere per mobili Möbelscharniere Bisagras para muebles Мебельные петли móveis Dobradiças
Garbage Disposers Broyeurs à ordures Disposers Garbage Garbage Disposers Los trituradores de basura Мусорные измельчители trituradores de lixo
Gate Closers porte Closers Porta Closers Torschließer Gate cierrapuertas ворота доводчики portão Closers
Gate Handles Poignées porte Maniglie Porta Tor Griffe Las manijas de puertas ворота Рукоятка Punhos de porta
Gate Handles Poignées porte Maniglie Porta Tor Griffe Las manijas de puertas ворота Рукоятка Punhos de porta
Gate Hardware Hardware porte Porta Hardware Gate Hardware puerta hardware Ворота Оборудование portão Hardware
Gate Hinges porte Hinges Cerniere per porte Torscharnieren Las bisagras de la puerta Петли для ворот Dobradiças
Gate Latches porte clenches Porta Chiusure Tor Latches Cierres de compuerta ворота Задвижки portão Travas
Gate Pulls porte Pulls Porta tira Tor Pulls puerta tirones Ворота Тянет portão puxa
Gate Pulls porte Pulls Porta tira Tor Pulls puerta tirones Ворота Тянет portão puxa
Gate Stops BUTEES cancello si ferma Tor stoppt TOPES упоры portão Stops
Gate Thumblatches porte Thumblatches Porta Thumblatches Tor Thumblatches Gate Thumblatches ворота Thumblatches portão Thumblatches
Gate Wheels porte Roues Porta Ruote Gate Wheels puerta de Ruedas Ворота Wheels portão Rodas
Glass Door Hinges Verre Charnières de porte Vetro cerniere Glastürscharniere Bisagras de las puertas de cristal Стеклянные Дверные петли Dobradiças da porta de vidro
Glass Shelves Les étagères en verre Ripiani in vetro Glasregale Los estantes de vidrio Стеклянные полки Prateleiras de vidro
Grab Bars Barres d'appui maniglie Haltegriffe Barras de sujeción поручни Barras de apoio
H Hinges Charnières H H Cerniere H Hinges H Bisagras H Шарниры H Dobradiças
Half Surface Hinges La moitié Hinges de surface Cerniere e mezzo di superficie Die Hälfte Oberflächenscharniere Bisagras mitad de la superficie Половина шарниров поверхности Dobradiças metade da superfície
Hand Showers Douches à main doccette Handbrausen teleduchas Ручные дожди Chuveiros de mão
Hand-Finished Finis à la main Rifinito a mano Handgearbeitetes Acabados a mano Ручной Закончено Mão-acabados
Handrail Brackets Supports de la rampe corrimano Staffe Handlauf Brackets Soportes pasamanos Перила Кронштейны corrimão Suportes
Hardware Matériel Hardware Hardware Hardware аппаратные средства ferragens
Hat Hooks Crochets Hat Ganci Hat Huthaken Ganchos sombrero Hat Крючки Hooks chapéu
Het Toilets Toilettes Het het vetrine Het Toiletten Het Sanitarios Het Туалеты Het Sanitários
Hinges Hinges cerniere Scharniere bisagras Шарниры dobradiças
Hl Hinges Hl Hinges Hl Cerniere Hektoliter Scharniere hl Bisagras Hl Шарниры hl Dobradiças
Home Hardware Home Hardware Home Hardware Home Hardware Inicio Hardware Главная Оборудование Início Hardware
House Letters House Letters Casa lettere Hausvermieter casa cartas Дом Письмо Letters casa
House Numbers Numéros de maison Numeri civici Hausnummern Los números de las casas номера домов Números de casa
House Plaques Maison PLAQUES placche Casa Haus Plaketten Las placas de la casa Дом Бляшки placas casa
Inset Hinges Inset Hinges Inset Cerniere Inset Scharniere Las bisagras empotradas Врезка Шарниры inset Dobradiças
Interconnected Locksets Locksets reliés entre eux interconnessi Locksets Miteinander verbundene Locksets interconectados Locksets Взаимосвязанные Locksets interconectados locksets
Keyed Locks Serrures détrompeur serrature a chiave Codierte Locks cerraduras con llave Замки Keyed fechaduras com chave
Kick Plates Plaques Kick piatti di scossa Kick-Platten Las placas de patada Пинок Планшеты placas pontapé
Kitchen Faucets Robinets de cuisine rubinetti della cucina Küchenarmaturen Los grifos de cocina Смесители для кухни Torneiras de cozinha
Kitchen Organizers Organisateurs de cuisine Gli organizzatori della cucina Küchen Veranstalter Los organizadores de cocina Кухня Организаторы Organizadores de cozinha
Knobsets jeux de potentiomètres knobsets knobsets Pomos Knobsets Knobsets
Label Holders Supports d'étiquette porta etichette Etikettenhalter Los titulares de la etiqueta Самоклеящиеся Os detentores da etiqueta
Latches Loquets Chiusure Latches pestillos Задвижки travas
Lid Supports Supports de couvercle Supporti coperchio Deckelhalter Los soportes de la tapa Lid Поддержка suportes de tampa
Lighting Éclairage Illuminazione Beleuchtung Iluminación Осветительные приборы Iluminação
Locksets Locksets locksets locksets cerraduras Locksets locksets
Magnetic Catches Les prises magnétiques Le catture magnetici Magnetverschlüsse Las capturas magnéticos Магнитные Ловит As capturas magnéticos
Mail Slots Machines à sous Courrier posta Slots Mail Slots Las ranuras de correo Почта Слоты Slots de correio
Mailboxes Boîtes aux lettres Caselle di posta Mailboxes buzones Почтовые ящики caixas de correio
Manual Doorbells manuel Sonnettes campanelli manuali manuelle Türklingeln Timbres manuales Руководство Дверные звонки Doorbells manuais
Medicine Cabinets Armoires à pharmacie armadietto dei medicinali Medizin Schränke botiquines Аптечки armários de medicina
Mirrors miroirs specchi Spiegel espejos Зеркала Espelhos
Mortise Bolts mortaise boulons mortise Bulloni Einsteck-Bolzen Tornillos de embutir врезные Болты mortise Bolts
Mortise Locksets mortaise Locksets infilare Locksets Einsteckschloss Locksets Cerraduras de embutir врезные Locksets encaixe locksets
Night Latches Loquets nuit Chiusure notturne Nacht Latches Cierres nocturnos Ночные Задвижки Travas noite
Overlay Hinges Hinges recouvrement overlay Cerniere Overlay Scharniere Bisagras superposición Накладка Шарниры Overlay Dobradiças
Panic Door Hardware Quincaillerie de porte anti-panique Panic Fissaggi Paniktürbeschläge El pánico accesorios para puertas Паника дверной фурнитуры Porta Hardware Panic
Pantry Pull Outs Pull d'Outs Garde-manger Outs Dispensa Pull Pantry Pull Outs Salidas despensa y jalar Буфетная Напряжения Outs Outs despensa Pull
Partition Hardware Matériel de partition partizione Hardware Partition Hardware partición de hardware Раздел Hardware partição Hardware
Passage Locksets passage Locksets Locksets Passage Passage Locksets Cerraduras de paso Прохождение Locksets locksets passagem
Piano Hinges Hinges Piano Cerniere Piano Klavier Scharniere Las bisagras de piano фортепиано Стержни Dobradiças de piano
Pivot Hinges pivot Hinges Pivot Cerniere Drehgelenke Las bisagras de pivote Поворотные шарниры Pivot Dobradiças
Pocket Door Hardware Quincaillerie de porte de poche Hardware Pocket Door Taschen-Tür-Hardware Puerta corrediza de hardware Карманные дверная фурнитура Bolso Porta Hardware
Pocket Door Locks Verrouillage automatique des portes Pocket Pocket Serrature Taschen-Türschlösser Cerraduras de bolsillo Карман Дверные замки Bolso Fechaduras
Pocket Door Pulls Porte Pocket Pulls Pocket Door Pulls Taschen-Türgriffe Manijas de las puertas de bolsillo Карман двери Тянет Bolso porta puxa
Pocket Door Track Pocket Porte piste Pocket Porta traccia Falttür Gleis Riel de la puerta de bolsillo Карман двери Track Pista porta de bolso
Pressure Balance Showers Solde de pression Douches Equilibrio pressione docce Pressure Balance Duschen Duchas equilibrio de presión Баланс давления дожди Chuva equilíbrio de pressão
Privacy Locksets Locksets de confidentialité Privacy Locksets Datenschutz Locksets Cerraduras de privacidad Конфиденциальность Locksets locksets privacidade
Pull Handles Poignées Maniglioni Zuggriffe manillones Потяните ручки Pull Handles
Pull Plates Plaques Pull placche Pull-Platten Las placas de arrastre Напряжения Планшеты placas Pull
Pull-Out Baskets Pull-PANIERS Cestelli estraibili AUSZüGE Pull-Out Cestas Выдвижная корзина Pull-out cestas
Pull-Out Laundry Hampers Pull-Out à linge Pull-Out lavanderia Cesti Pull-Out Wäschekörbe -Nido de lavandería Cestas Выдвижной Прачечная поводы Pull-out Lavandaria Hampers
Pull-Out Pant Racks Pull-Out Porte Pant Pull-Out Pant Rack Pull-Out Hose Racks Pull-Out Pant Bastidores Выдвижной Pant Стойки Pull-out Pant Racks
Push Buttons For Door Boutons de porte pour pousser Pulsanti Per Porta Drucktasten für Tür Botones pulsadores para la puerta Нажимные кнопки для дверей Apertar botões para a porta
Push Plates Plaques Push Piastre push Andruckplatten Las placas de empuje Нажимные пластины placas de pressão
Radius Corner Hinges Rayon Hinges Coin Raggio d'angolo Cerniere Radius Ecke-Scharniere Bisagras radio de esquina Радиус Угловые петли Raio de canto Dobradiças
Railing Fittings Raccords Garde-corps Raccordi ringhiera Geländer Fittings Accesorios de barandilla Перила фитинги Fittings trilhos
Register Covers Inscrivez-Covers registro copre registrieren Covers Registro abarca Регистрация Covers registo cubra
Rim Latches Loquets Rim Rim Chiusure Rim Latches Cierres de aro Накладные Задвижки Rim Travas
Robe Hooks robe Hooks Robe Ganci Kleiderhaken bata Ganchos Robe Крючки Robe Ganchos
Roman Tub Faucets Baignoire romaine Robinets Roman Rubinetti vasca Roman Badewannenarmaturen Bañera romana grifos Римская ванна Смесители Roman Tub Torneiras
Rossettes rosettes rossettes Rossettes Rossettes Rossettes Rossettes
Round Corner Hinges Hinges d'angle rond Cerniere angolo rotondo Runde Ecke-Scharniere Las bisagras de la esquina redonda Круглые Угловые петли Dobradiças canto redondo
Safety Bathtubs Baignoires de sécurité Vasche di sicurezza Sicherheits Badewannen Bañeras de seguridad Ванны безопасности Banheiras de segurança
Safety Tubs Tubs de sécurité Vasche di sicurezza Sicherheit Tubs Cubas de seguridad Баки безопасности Tubs segurança
Sash Balances Balances Sash Bilance Sash Sash Balances Los saldos de guillotina Sash Балансы Saldos de guilhotina
Sash Lifts Sash Ascenseurs Sash Ascensori Sash Lift Banda Ascensores Sash Лифты Sash Elevadores
Sash Locks Sash Serrures Sash Locks Sash Locks Banda Locks Sash замки Sash Locks
Sash Pulleys Pulleys Sash Sash pulegge Sash Scheiben Poleas de guillotina Sash Шкивы sash Polias
Screen Door Hinges Paumelles d'écran Cerniere Screen Door Schirm-Tür-Scharniere Las bisagras de la puerta de Экран Дверные петли Dobradiças da porta de tela
Screen Door Locks Verrouillage automatique des portes écran Serrature Screen Door Bildschirm Türschlösser Cerraduras de puerta de pantalla Экран Дверные замки Locks porta de tela
Semi Concealed Hinges Semi Hinges Concealed Semi cerniere a scomparsa Semi Topfscharniere Semi bisagras ocultas Semi Скрытые петли Dobradiças semi escondidas
Shelf Brackets Supports de tablettes Shelf Staffe Regalträger los soportes de repisa кронштейны prateleira Suportes
Shower Arms Bras de douche doccia Arms Dusche Arme brazos de ducha Душ Arms Braços chuveiro
Shower Faucets Robinets de douche Rubinetti doccia Duscharmatur Los grifos de ducha Смесители для душа Torneiras Duche
Shower Handles Poignées de douche Maniglie doccia Dusche Griffe Los mangos de ducha Душевые ручки punhos do chuveiro
Shower Heads Tête de douche Soffioni per doccia Duschköpfe Cabezales de ducha Душевые лейки chuveiros
Shower Pulls douche Pulls tira doccia Dusche Pulls tirones de ducha Душ Тянет puxa chuveiro
Shower Rods Rods de douche aste doccia Dusche Rods barras de ducha Душ Стержни Rods chuveiro
Shower Systems Systèmes de douche Sistemi doccia Duschsysteme Sistemas de ducha Душевые системы Sistemas de Duche
Shutter Hinges Hinges obturateur Shutter Cerniere Shutter Scharniere Las bisagras de obturación Затвор Шарниры obturador dobradiças
Sidesprays Sidesprays Sidesprays Sidesprays Sidesprays Sidesprays Sidesprays
Sinks éviers lavelli Spülen fregaderos Раковины pias
Sliding Door Track Porte coulissante piste Portello scorrevole pista Schiebetür Gleis Puerta de corredera de pista Раздвижные двери трек Porta de Correr trilha
Soap Dispensers Distributeurs de savon distributori di sapone Seifenspender dispensadores de jabón Дозаторы мыла dispensadores de sabão
Spring Hinges printemps Hinges Primavera Cerniere Federscharniere Las bisagras de primavera Весна Шарниры primavera dobradiças
Stainless Steel Sinks Éviers en acier inoxydable Lavelli Inox Edelstahl-Spülen Fregaderos de acero inoxidable Раковины из нержавеющей стали Pias de inox
Stair Rod Sets Ensembles d'escalier Rod Imposta Stair Rod Treppen Rod Sets Conjuntos de escalera Rod Лестничный Rod Наборы Conjuntos Stair Rod
Stone Sinks éviers en pierre lavandini in pietra Stein Sinks Fregaderos de piedra Каменные Раковины pias de pedra
Storeroom Locksets Débarras Locksets Rimessa Locksets Abstellraum Locksets Trastero Locksets подсобное помещение Locksets Despensa locksets
Strap Hinges pentures Strap Cerniere Strap Scharniere Las bisagras de la correa ремень Шарниры Correia Dobradiças
Strikes Grèves scioperi Streiks Huelgas Забастовки greves
Supply Lines Lignes d'alimentation fornire linee Versorgungsleitungen Líneas de suministro линии питания Linhas de suprimento
Surface Bolts Les boulons de surface Bulloni di superficie Oberflächen Bolts Los pernos de superficie Поверхностные Болты Parafusos de superfície
Surface Mounted Hinges Hinges Systèmes sans Surface Mounted Cerniere Surface Mounted Scharniere Las bisagras de montaje en superficie Поверхностного монтажа шарниров Dobradiças de montagem em superfície
Swing Clear Hinges Balancez Effacer Hinges Altalena chiaro Cerniere Schwingen löschen Scharniere El columpio Claro Bisagras Качели Clear шарниров Balançar Limpar Dobradiças
Switchplates switchplates switchplates switchplates switchplates Switchplates Switchplates
Table Hinges Tableau Hinges Cerniere Tabella Tabelle Scharniere Las bisagras de mesa Таблица Шарниры Dobradiças de mesa
Tee Hinges T-Hinges Tee Cerniere T Scharniere Tee Bisagras Тройник Шарниры T Dobradiças
Thermostatic Valves Vannes thermostatiques Valvole termostatiche Thermostatventile Válvulas termostáticas термостатические клапаны válvulas termostáticas
Thresholds seuils soglie Schwellwerten umbrales Пороги limiares
Thumb Latches Loquet à ressort Chiusure thumb thumb Latches Cierres de mariposa Thumb Задвижки Travas polegar
Tie / Scarf / Belt Racks Cravate / écharpe / Porte de ceinture Tie / sciarpa / Rack Belt Krawatte / Schal / Gurt Racks Lazo / bufanda / correa de Bastidores Tie / шарф / пояс Стойки Laço / lenço / Racks Belt
Tissue Holder Porte-papier Holder Tissue Taschentuchhalter Sostenedor del tejido держатель ткани Titular Tissue
Toilet Brushes Brosses de toilette scopini per WC Toilettenbürsten Escobillas para el inodoro Туалет Кисти escovas de toucador
Toilet Seats Sièges de toilette Sedili Wc WC-Sitze asientos de inodoro Туалет мест assentos sanitários
Toilet Tissue Holders Porte-papier hygiénique I titolari di carta igienica Toilettenpapierhalter Los titulares de Papel Higiénico Туалетной бумаги Держатели Titulares Toilet Tissue
Toilets Toilettes Servizi igienici Toiletten Baños Туалеты banheiros
Touch Latches Loquets tactile Toccare Chiusure Touch-Latches Cierres táctiles Сенсорные Задвижки toque Travas
Towel Bars Bars serviettes Asciugamano bar Tuchstäbe toalleros Полотенце Бары toalha de Barras
Towel Rings Serviette Anneaux Asciugamano Anelli Handtuch Ringe toalla Anillos Полотенце Кольца toalha Anéis
Towel Warmers Sèche-serviettes scaldasalviette Handtuchwärmer calentadores de toallas Полотенцесушители aquecedores de toalha
Towel Warmers Sèche-serviettes scaldasalviette Handtuchwärmer calentadores de toallas Полотенцесушители aquecedores de toalha
Transom Catches imposte captures transom catture Transom Catches Las capturas de espejo de popa Транцевые Уловы transom capturas
Transom Window Hardware Transom Quincaillerie de fenêtre Specchio di poppa Finestra Hardware Transom Fensterbeschläge Travesaño de la ventana de hardware Кормовое Окно Оборудование Janela Transom Hardware
Traps pièges trappole Traps trampas Ловушки armadilhas
Undermount Sinks undermount puits undermount Lavelli Unterbaubecken undermount Fregaderos Undermount Раковины undermount Pias
Vents/Louvers Vents / Louvres Vents / feritoie Vents / Louvers Respiraderos / Rejillas Вентс / Жалюзи Vents / Louvers
Vintage Baths Bains Vintage Bagni d'epoca Vintage Bäder Baños de la vendimia Старинные бани Banhos vintage
Volume Control Valves Volume des soupapes de commande Valvole di regolazione del volume Volume Control Valves Válvulas de control de volumen Клапаны управления громкостью Válvulas de controle de volume
Wall Hooks Crochets muraux attaccapanni Wandhaken ganchos de pared Настенные крючки parede Hooks
Wall Hung Sinks Suspendu puits Sospesi Lavelli Wand Hung Sinks Pared Lavamanos Навесная Раковина Parede pendurado Sinks
Wall Mount Faucets Robinets de montage mural Rubinetti montaggio a parete Wandmontage-Hähne Grifería de montaje en pared Настенные смесители Torneiras de montagem em parede
Washlets washlets Washlet Washlets washlets Washlets washlets
Waste Containers Conteneurs à déchets Contenitori dei rifiuti Abfallbehälter Contenedores de residuos Контейнеры для отходов contentores de lixo
Weatherstriping calfeutrement Weatherstriping Weatherstriping Weatherstriping Weatherstriping Weatherstriping
Weathervanes girouettes Weathervanes Weathervanes veletas Флюгеры weathervanes
Weld On Hinges Soudure ARTICULÉS Weld su cerniere Weld an Scharnieren De soldadura en las bisagras Сварные на шарнирах Solda em dobradiças
Wide Throw Hinges Hinges large Throw Cerniere spalancare Weitwurf Scharniere Las bisagras del tiro de ancho Широкие петли Throw Dobradiças escancara
Window Handles Poignées de fenêtre Maniglie di finestra Fenstergriffe identificadores de ventana Оконные ручки identificadores de janela
Window Hardware Quincaillerie de fenêtre finestra Hardware Fensterbeschläge ventana de hardware окно Hardware janela Hardware
Window Locks Serrures de fenêtre Serrature finestra Fenstersicherungen cerraduras de la ventana Оконные замки Locks janela
Window Screen Hardware Fenêtre Matériel d'écran Finestra Hardware Schermo Fenster-Bildschirm Hardware Ventana de la pantalla de hardware Окно Оборудование экрана Hardware da tela da janela
Wrap Around Hinges Enrouler autour Hinges Wrap Around Cerniere Wrap Around Scharniere Envolver alrededor de las bisagras Wrap Around шарниров Envolver em torno de dobradiças


CHANDELIER & LIGHTING Glossary International Translation

Accent lighting L'éclairage d'accentuation illuminazione d'accento Akzentbeleuchtung La iluminación de acento Направленное освещение iluminação de realce
Acid Cutback Dome Acide Cutback Dome Acid Cutback Dome Säure Cutback Dome Acid Cutback Dome Кислота разжиженный Купол Ácido Cutback abóbada
Acid etching décapage à l'acide acidatura Säureätzen Grabado ácido Кислотное травление condicionamento ácido
Adam style le style Adam stile Adam Adam Stil estilo de Adam Адам стиль estilo de Adam
Alabaster Albâtre Alabastro Alabaster Alabastro алебастр Alabastro
Alabaster Chandelier Lustre Albâtre Alabastro Lampadario Alabaster Kronleuchter alabastro Araña алебастр Люстра Alabaster Chandelier
Allegorical Light Lumière allégorique allegorica Luce allegorische Licht alegórica Luz аллегорические Light alegórica Luz
Amber Glass verre ambre amber Glass Braunglas Amber Glass Амбер Гласс amber Glass
Animal head arm backs dos de bras de tête des animaux Animale spalle braccio testa Tierkopf Arm Rücken Animales espaldas brazo cabeza Животные спина головы рука backs braço cabeça animais
Arabesque Arabesque Arabesco Arabeske Arabesco арабеска arabesco
Arch Cambre Arco Bogen Arco арочный Arco
Arm Bras Braccio Arm Brazo Рука Braço
Arm Plate Plate Arm braccio Piastra Armplatte Placa brazo Arm плиты braço Placa
Armback Armback Armback Armback Armback Armback Armback
Arm-receiver Bowl Bras-récepteur Bowl Arm-ricevitore Bowl Arm-Empfänger Bowl Brazo-receptor Tazón Арм-приемник Bowl Braço-receptor bacia
Arm-receiver Plate Bras-récepteur Plate Piastra Arm-ricevitore Arm-Empfänger Platte Placa de brazo-receptor Арм-приемник плиты Placa braço-receptor
Art Deco Art Déco Art Deco Art Deco Arte Deco Арт-деко Art Deco
Art Deco Revival Art Déco Revival Art Deco Revival Art Deco Revival Art Deco Revival Art Deco Возрождение Art Deco Revival
Art Glass verre art Glass Art Art Glass arte de cristal Art Glass Art Glass
Art Nouveau Art Nouveau Art Nouveau Jugendstil Art Nouveau Искусство модерн Arte Nova
Art Nouveau Architectural Art Nouveau Architectural Art Nouveau Architectural Jugendstil Architectural Arte Nouveau arquitectónico Art Nouveau Architectural Art Nouveau Architectural
Arts and Crafts L'artisanat Arti e mestieri Kunst und Handwerk Artes y manualidades Искусства и ремесла Artes e Ofícios
Backplate Plaque arrière backplate Backplate Placa trasera Задняя панель backplate
Bag Sac Borsa Tasche Bolso Мешок Bolsa
Balanced-arm lamp Lampe à bras équilibré Lampada equilibrata braccio Schreibtischleuchte flexo Сбалансированная-рука лампа lâmpada equilibrado-braço
Ball Ballon Palla Ball Pelota Мяч Bola
Baluster Balustre balaustro Baluster Balaustre балясина balaustrada
Banding Banding banding Banding bandeo Кольцевание Banding
Banker's lamp lampe bancaire Lampada del banchiere Banker-Lampe Lámpara del banquero Лампа Банкира lâmpada do banqueiro
Barley Twist orge Twist orzo Twist Barley Twist cebada torcer Ячмень Twist cevada torção
Baroque Baroque Barocco Barock- Barroco Барокко Barroco
Bartlett Street Lamps Bartlett, rue Lampes Bartlett Lampioni Bartlett Street Lamps Bartlett Lámparas de calle Bartlett Street Лампы Lâmpadas de rua Bartlett
Base Base Base Base Base База Base
Bead Perle perlina Perle Talón Шарик pérola
Bell Lantern bell Lantern Lanterna campana bell-Laterne campana de la linterna Белл Фонарь Lanterna sino
Bellflower Campanule Campanula Glockenblume Campanilla Колокольчик Campânula
Bent Glass verre plié Bent Glass Gebogenes Glas Vidrio curvado Бент стекло Bent vidro
Bevel Biseau angolo Fase Bisel скос bisel
Bevel Details Bevel Détails Bevel Dettagli Bevel-Details bisel detalles Фаска Подробнее Bevel Detalhes
Beveled Glass biseautés verre vetro smussato Beveled Glass cristal biselado Скошенные стекла vidro chanfrado
Billiard Light Lampe de billard biliardo Luce Billard Licht Luz de billar Бильярдный Light Billiard Luz
Blazed Hole trou blazé arso Hole Blaze-Loch Blazed agujero проложенный Hole blazed Buraco
Blown Glass verre soufflé vetro soffiato geblasenem Glas Vidrio soplado выдувное стекло vidro fundido
Bobeche bobèche bobeche Bobeche bobèche Bobeche bobèche
Body Corps Corpo Körper Cuerpo тело Corpo
Bollard Bollard bitta Poller Noray тумба poste de amarração
Book leaf detail Livre détail feuille Prenota Dettaglio foglia Buch Blatt Detail Descripción del libro de hojas Книга подробно лист Detalhe em folha de livro
Boston's South End South End de Boston South End di Boston Boston South End South End de Boston Бостон Саут-Энд South End de Boston
Bowl bol Ciotola Schüssel cuenco миска tigela
Bradley and Hubbard Bradley et Hubbard Bradley e Hubbard Bradley und Hubbard Bradley y Hubbard Брэдли и Хаббард Bradley e Hubbard
Branch Branche Ramo Ast Rama Филиал Ramo
Brass Laiton Ottone Messing Latón Латунь Latão
Brass acanthus leaves Brass acanthes foglie d'acanto Brass Messing Akanthusblättern hojas de acanto de latón Латунь аканта листья folhas de acanto bronze
Bridge-Arm Lamp Pont-bras de la lampe Bridge-braccio della lampada Brücke-Arm-Lampe Puente-brazo de la lámpara Мост-Arm лампа Ponte-Arm Lamp
Bronze Bronze Bronzo Bronze Bronce бронза Bronze
Bronze d'Ore Bronze d'Ore Bronzo d'Ore Bronze d'Ore Bronce d'Ore Bronze d'Ore Bronze d'Ore
Brownstone Grès brun arenaria Brownstone Brownstone Brownstone Brownstone
Bulb Ampoule Lampadina Birne Bulbo колба Bulbo
Bungalow Bungalow Bungalow Bungalow Bungalow Бунгало Bangalô
Burning fluid fluide brûlant fluido Bruciare Brennende Flüssigkeit La quema de fluidos Горящая жидкость fluido queima
Burnish Polir lustrare Polieren Bruñido полировать Polimento
Cable Câble Cavo Kabel Cable кабель Cabo
Cage Cage Gabbia Käfig Jaula клеть cela
Cameo Camée Cammeo Miniatur Camafeo Камея Camafeu
Candela Candela Candela Candela Candela Кандела Candela
Candelabra Candélabre candelabro Kandelaber Candelabro канделябры Candelabra
Candle Bougie Candela Kerze Vela свеча Vela
Candle design conception bougie progettazione Candela Candle-Design diseño de la vela Свеча дизайн Design vela
Candle Lighting bougie d'éclairage Illuminazione Candela Candle Lighting Iluminación de la vela Свеча освещения Iluminação Candle
Candle Nozzle Buse bougie ugello Candela Candle-Düse Boquilla vela Свеча Форсунка Bico vela
Candle Sleeve bougie manches manica Candela Candle Sleeve manga de la vela Свеча рукава luva vela
Candle Cup Coupe bougie Candela Cup Candle Cup Copa de vela Кубок Свеча Cup de vela
Candlebeam Candlebeam Candlebeam Candlebeam Candlebeam Candlebeam Candlebeam
Candlepower Bougie candela Lichtstärke Energía de la cera сила света candlepower
Candlestick Lamp Candlestick lampe Candeliere lampada Kerzenständer Lampe candelabro lámpara Подсвечник лампы Lâmpada candlestick
Canopy Canopée Baldacchino Überdachung Pabellón балдахин Marquise
Capiz Capiz Capiz Capiz Capiz Capiz Capiz
Caramel flash glass verre flash Caramel di vetro Flash Caramel Caramel Flash-Glas flash de vidrio de caramelo Карамель вспышка стекла Caramelo vidro de flash
Caramel Slag Glass Caramel Slag Glass Caramel Scorie di vetro Caramel Slag Glass Escoria de cristal de caramelo Карамель Шлак стекла Caramel Escória de vidro
Carnival Glass verre Carnaval Carnival Glass Carnival Glass Carnival Glass Карнавал стекла vidro do carnaval
Cartouche cartouche Cartiglio Kartusche cartela Картуш cartouche
Cased Glass Cased verre Cased Glass fangenen Glas Entubado de cristal накладное стекло Cased vidro
Cast Brass laiton moulé fusione di ottone Messingguss latón fundido литейная латунь latão fundido
Cast Brass Holder Porte en laiton moulé Supporto in ottone fuso Messingguss-Halter Titular de latón fundido Литой латунный держатель Titular latão fundido
Cast Bronze bronze coulé Bronzo del getto Cast Bronze Bronce fundido литье из бронзы fundido Bronze
Cast Glass verre coulé cast di vetro Gussglas Vidrio del molde литое vidro do molde
Cast iron fonte Ghisa Gusseisen Hierro fundido Чугун Ferro fundido
Cast relief relief moulé sollievo cast Cast Erleichterung alivio fundido Cast рельеф alívio elenco
Casted arm backs dos de bras Casted schiene braccio casted Gegossene Arm Rücken espalda brazos fundidos Литые спины рук backs braço fundidas
Casted d'ore leaves Casted feuilles de minerai D' foglie colate d'minerale Gegossene d'ore Blätter hojas fundidas d'mineral Литые листы d'рудных folhas fundidas d'minério
Casted leaf detailing feuille détaillant Casted foglia colato dettagli Gegossene Blatt Detaillierung Fundido hoja detallando Кастуется лист подробно folha fundido detalhando
Casting Fonderie getto Guss Fundición Кастинг moldagem
Chain Chaîne Catena Kette Cadena цепь Cadeia
Chandelier Lustre Lampadario Leuchter Candelabro Люстра Lustre
Chasing Ciselure Chasing Verfolgen Persiguiendo погоня perseguição
Chimney Cheminée Camino Kamin Tubo de lámpara Дымовая труба Chaminé
Circa Environ circa Zirka Hacia около Cerca de
Classical environment environnement classique ambiente classico Klassische Umwelt ambiente clásico Классическая среда ambiente clássico
Classical Inverted dome dôme classique Inverted cupola invertito classica Klassische Inverted Kuppel cúpula invertida clásica Классический Перевернутый купол cúpula invertida Classical
Cloissone Cloissone Cloissone Cloissone cloissone Cloissone cloissoné
Cluster Grappe Grappolo Gruppe Racimo кластер Grupo
Colonial Colonial Coloniale kolonial Colonial колониальный Colonial
Colonial Revival néocolonial Colonial Revival Colonial Revival renacimiento colonial Колониальное Возрождение colonial Revival
Column Colonne Colonna Säule Columna колонка Coluna
Copper Cuivre Rame Kupfer Cobre медь Cobre
Cornucopia corne d'abondance Cornucopia Füllhorn Cuerno de la abundancia Рог изобилия Cornucópia
Corona Couronne Corona Corona Corona корона coroa
Cove Crique Baia Bucht Ensenada бухта Enseada
Cresset Gresset Cresset Cresset Cresset светоч fogaréu
Crossbar Barre transversale Traversa Querlatte Travesaño перекладина Barra
Crown couronne Corona Krone corona коронка Coroa
Crown Shades Crown Shades corona Shades Crown Shades corona Sombras Корона Оттенки Crown Shades
Crystal Cristal Cristallo Kristall Cristal кристалл Cristal
Cut glass Couper le verre vetro molato Glas schneiden Vidrio cortado граненое стекло Cortar vidro
Damar kurung latern Damar kurung latern Damar kurung latern Damar kurung latern latern Damar kurung Damar kurung Latern Damar kurung latern
Degue Degue degue Degue Degue Degue Degue
Desk Lamp Lampe de bureau Lampada da scrivania Schreibtischlampe Lámpara de escritorio Настольная лампа Lâmpada de mesa
Diffuser Diffuseur Diffusore Diffusor Difusor диффузор Difusor
Dome Dôme Cupola Kuppel Cúpula купол cúpula
Drip Pan lèchefrite Drip Pan Drip Pan bandeja de goteo Поддон для стекания жидкостей drip Pan
Drip Tray Bac de récupération vaschetta di raccolta Abtropfschublade bandeja de goteo Капельное Tray Pingadeira
Drop Laissez tomber Far cadere Fallen soltar Капля Solta
Dutch néerlandais olandese Niederländer holandés Голландский holandês
Early American Early American Early American Early American Early American Ранний американский Early American
East lake East lake East Lake East See east lake Восток озеро east Lake
Electric Lighting L'éclairage électrique Illuminazione elettrica Electric Lighting La iluminación eléctrica электрическое освещение iluminação elétrica
Electrolier Electrolier Electrolier Electrolier Araña люстра Lustre
Embossed banding bandes estampé banding in rilievo geprägte Banding bandas en relieve Рельефная полосатость faixas em relevo
Embossed body corps estampé corpo in rilievo geprägte Körper cuerpo en relieve Рельефный корпус corpo em relevo
Embossing embossage goffratura Prägung Realce чеканка gravação em relevo
Empire Empire Impero Reich Imperio империя Império
Empire Chandelier Lustre Empire Empire Chandelier Reich Kronleuchter imperio de la lámpara Empire Люстра império Chandelier
Enamel Émail Smalto Emaille Esmalte эмаль Esmalte
English Tudor Anglais Tudor English Tudor Englisch Tudor Inglés Tudor английский Tudor Inglês Tudor
Engraving Gravure incisione Gravur Grabado гравюра Gravação
Faceted crystal ball boule de cristal facettée sfera di cristallo sfaccettato Facettierte Kristallkugel bola de cristal tallado Грановитая хрустальный шар bola de cristal facetado
Fairy Lights Lumières féériques Luci fatate Lichterketten Luces de hadas Гирлянды Luzes de fadas
Federal Fédéral Federale Bundes- Federal федеральный Federal
Ferrule Virole ghiera Zwinge Contera предохранительное кольцо virola
Festoon Feston Festone Girlande Festón Гирлянда Festão
Figural figurale Figural Figural figural Figural figural
Figural Cast Bronze Bronze Figural Cast Figural bronzo fuso Figürliche Cast Bronze Bronce fundido figural Figural В ролях Bronze Bronze Elenco Figural
Finial Fleuron finial Finial finial заканчивающее украшение finial
Fire Gilding feu Dorure Fuoco doratura Feuer Vergolden fuego dorado Огонь Золочение fogo Gilding
Fire Polishing polissage feu Fuoco di lucidatura Feuerpolier fuego Pulido Огонь Полировка fogo Polimento
Fish Scale Écaille de poisson Scala Pesce Fischschuppen Escamas de pescado Рыбья чешуя Escama de peixe
Fitter Installateur aggiustatore Monteur Ajustador монтер Ajustador
Flash glass verre Flash vetro Flash Flash-Glas flash de vidrio флэш-стекло vidro de flash
Fleur de li Fleur de li Fleur de li Fleur de li Flor de lis Флер-де-Ли Fleur de li
Floodlight Projecteur Proiettore Scheinwerfer Foco прожектор holofote
Floor Lamp Lampadaire Lampada da pavimento Stehleuchte Lámpara de piso Наполная лампа Luminária de piso
Floral Floral Floreale Blumen Floral Цветочный Floral
Flush Fixture Luminaire affleurant Apparecchio da incasso Flush Fixture Fixture ras Flush Крепеж fixação rente
Flush Mount affleurant montaggio a filo Erröten-Einfassung Montaje empotrado для установки заподлицо montagem embutida
Fluting Cannelures scanalatura Fluting fluting рифление fluting
Foliate Foliaire foliate Blatt- Foliar лиственный estanhar
Footcandle footcandle footcandle Footcandle Vela de pie фут-кандел footcandle
Free-blown Glass Verre soufflé-bouche Vetro soffiato a bocca Frei geblasenes Glas Vidrio soplado libre Гутное стекла Vidro livre-blown
Frieze Frise Fregio Fries Friso Фриз Friso
Frosted Glass Verre gelé Vetro smerigliato Gefrorenes Glas Vidrio escarchado Матовое стекло vidro fosco
G g sol G GRAMO г G
Gallery Galerie Galleria Galerie Galería Галерея Galeria
Garlands guirlandes ghirlande Garlands guirnaldas Гирлянды guirlandas
Gas Chandeliers Lustres de gaz Lampadari a gas Gas Kronleuchter Lámparas de gas Люстры Газовые Lustres de gás
Gas cocks robinets de gaz rubinetti a gas Gashähne llaves de gas петухи газа torneiras de gás
Gas Harps gaz Harpes Arpe gas Gas Harps Las arpas de gas Газовые Арфы Harps gás
Gas J gaz J Gas J Gas J gas J Газ J Gas J
Gas Lighting L'éclairage au gaz illuminazione a gas Gasbeleuchtung Iluminación de gas Газ освещения Iluminação a gás
Gas mantle manteau de gaz mantello Gas Gasmantel manto de gas калильная сетка manto de gás
Georgian géorgien georgiano georgisch georgiano грузинский georgiano
Gilding Dorure Doratura Vergoldung Dorado золочение douradura
Girandole Girond Girandole Girandole Girándula жирандоль girândola
Giso 404 giso 404 Giso 404 Giso 404 Giso 404 Giso 404 Giso 404
Glass Seeds Graines verre Semi di vetro Glassamen Las semillas de cristal Стеклянные Семена Sementes de vidro
Globe Globe Globo Globus Globo земной шар Globo
Gold Or Oro Gold Oro Золото Ouro
Gold leaf Feuille d'or Foglia d'oro Gold Blatt Hoja de oro Сусальное золото Folha de ouro
Gothic gothique Gotico gotisch gótico готика gótico
Grave candle bougie Grave candela Grave Grabkerze vela tumba Grave свечи vela sepultura
Greek Key design conception clé grecque chiave di design greca Greek Key Design diseño dominante griego Греческий ключ дизайн projeto chave grego
Greek key shades nuances clés grecques tonalità chiave greci Griechischer Schlüssel Schatten tonos clave griegas Греческие ключевые оттенки tons chave grego
Greek Revival néo-grec Greek Revival Greek Revival renacimiento griego греческое возрождение Revival grego
Grotesque Grotesque Grottesco Grotesk Grotesco Гротеск Grotesco
Grotto Ornament grotte Ornement Grotta Ornament Grotto Ornament gruta del ornamento Грот орнамент Ornamento Grotto
Halfcut Halfcut Halfcut Halfcut A la mitad Halfcut Halfcut
Hallmark Poinçonner caratteristica Kennzeichen Contraste отличительный признак Característica
Hammered brass laiton martelée ottone martellato gehämmert Messing latón martillado Кованая латунь latão martelado
Hammered Glass martelé verre vetro martellato Hammered Glass martillado de cristal Избитые стекла martelado vidro
Hang-straight Hang-droite Hang-dritto Hang-direkt Ala recta Hang-стрит Hang-reta
Harp Harpe Arpa Harfe Arpa арфа Harpa
Hickey petit bouton Hickey Hickey Coso штуковина Hickey
Holophane Holophane Holophane Holophane Holophane Holophane Holophane
Hoop Cerceau Cerchio Band Aro обруч Aro
Hot Blast air chaud Blast Hot Winder viento caliente горячее дутье explosão quente
Hurricane Lamp Lampe ouragan Hurricane Lamp Sturmlaterne lámpara de huracán фонарь молния Lâmpada de furacão
Icicle Stalactite Ghiacciolo Eiszapfen Carámbano Сосулька sincelo
Illumibowl Illumibowl Illumibowl Illumibowl Illumibowl Illumibowl Illumibowl
Incised or sunken decoration. Incisé ou décoration engloutie. Incise o decorazione affondata. Eingeschnitten oder Dekoration eingesunken. Incisa o decoración hundida. Прочерченный или затонувшее украшение. Incisão ou afundado decoração.
Indented design conception dentelée disegno rientrato Indented Design diseño de sangría отступ дизайн projeto recuado
Inlay Incruster Intarsio Inlay Embutido инкрустация incrustação
Intaglio Intaglio Intaglio Intaglio Piedra preciosa grabada en hueco инталия entalho
Inverted dome dôme Inverted cupola invertita Inverted Kuppel cúpula invertida Перевернутый купол cúpula invertida
Inverted Dome Chandelier Lustre Dome Inverted Inverted Dome Lampadario Inverted Dome Kronleuchter Invertida Cúpula de la lámpara Перевернутый купол Люстра Invertido Dome Chandelier
Iron Le fer Ferro Eisen Hierro Железо Ferro
J-box J-box J-box J-Box J-box J-бокс J-caixa
Junction Box Boîte de dérivation Scatola di giunzione Anschlussdose Caja de conexiones Распределительная коробка Caixa de junção
Lamp Lampe Lampada Lampe Lámpara Лампа Luminária
Lamp harp harpe de la lampe arpa lampada Lampe Harfe arpa lámpara лампа арфа harpa lâmpada
Lamping Lamping Lamping Lamping lamping Lamping lamping
Lampshade abat-jour Paralume Lampenschirm Pantalla de lámpara Абажур Abajur
Lancet Lancette Lancetta Lanzette Lanceta ланцет Lanceta
Lantern Lanterne Lanterna Laterne Linterna фонарь Lanterna
Lattice Treillis Reticolo Gitter Enrejado решетчатый gelosia
Lava lamp Lampe à lave lava lamp Lava Lampe Lámpara de lava Лава лампа Lâmpada de lava
Lead Crystal cristal au plomb cristallo al piombo blei~~POS=TRUNC cristal de plomo Ведущий Кристалл cristal de chumbo
Leaded came est venu plombée piombo è venuto verbleit kam Con plomo vino Этилированный пришел chumbo veio
Leaded Glass verre plombé vetro piombato Bleiglas Vidrio de plomo свинцовое стекло vidro chumbado
Leaded glass construction construction en verre plombé costruzione vetro al piombo Leaded Glaskonstruktion construcción de vidrio con plomo Этилированное строительное стекло Construção de vidro com chumbo
Leaf and Dart Leaf et Dart Leaf e Dart Blatt und Dart La hoja y el dardo Лист и Dart Folha e Dart
LED Chandelier Lustre LED LED Lampadario LED Kronleuchter la lámpara de LED Светодиодные люстры LED candelabro
Lens Lentille lente Linse Lente объектив Lente
Library lamp lampe bibliothèque lampada Biblioteca Bibliothek Lampe lámpara de la biblioteca Библиотека лампа lâmpada biblioteca
Longwy Longwy Longwy Longwy longwy Longwy Longwy
Loop Boucle Ciclo continuo Schleife Lazo петля laço
Louvre Persienne persiana di ventilazione jalousie Lumbrera жалюзийное отверстие trapeira
Lumen Lumen Lumen Lumen lumen люмен Lúmen
Luminous Efficacy efficacité lumineuse efficienza luminosa Lichtausbeute Eficacia luminosa светоотдача A eficácia luminosa
Lux Lux Lux Lux Lux Люкс Luxo
Luxo Jr. Luxo Jr. Luxo Jr. Luxo Jr. Luxo Jr. Luxo Jr. Luxo Jr.
Luxo L-1 Luxo L-1 Luxo L-1 Luxo L-1 Luxo L-1 Luxo L-1 Luxo L-1
Machine-blown Glass Machine en verre soufflé Machine-vetro soffiato Maschine geblasenes Glas Máquina de soplado de vidrio Машина выдувное стекло Vidro soprado máquina
Majolica Majolique Maiolica Majolika mayólica майолика Majólica
Mantle lamps lampes Mantle lampade Mantle Mantle Lampen lámparas del manto Мантия лампы lâmpadas mantle
Marie Therese Marie Therese Marie Therese Marie Therese María Teresa Marie Therese Marie Therese
Marquetry Marqueterie Intarsio Einlegearbeit Marquetería Маркетри Marchetaria
Mazer v. Stein Mazer c. Stein . Mazer v Stein Mazer v. Stein . Mazer v Stein Мазер V Стейн Mazer v. Stein
Medallion Médaillon Medaglione Medaillon Medallón Медальон Medalhão
Metal leaves with a gold wash. Métal laisse avec un lavage d'or. Metallo lascia con un lavaggio in oro. Metallblätter mit einer Goldwasch. Metálica deja con un lavado de oro. Металлические листы с золотой стиркой. Metal deixa com uma lavagem de ouro.
Mica Mica Mica Glimmer Mica слюда Mica
Mica Lantern Lanterne mica Lanterna mica Mica Laterne mica de la linterna Слюда Фонарь mica Lantern
Milk Glass verre de lait vetro di latte Milch-Glas Vaso de leche Молоко стекла vidro de leite
Mission Style style mission Mission Style Mission Style estilo de la misión Миссия Стиль missão Estilo
Mogul lamp lampe Mogul lampada Mogul Mogul Lampe lámpara Mogul Mogul лампа lâmpada Mogul
Mold Marks Marques de moisissure Marks Mold Mold Marks marcas de molde Плесень Marks Marcas de moldes
Mold-blown Glass Verre soufflé dans un moule Mold-vetro soffiato Formgeblasenen Glas Mold-soplado de vidrio Плесень выдувное стекло Vidro soprado-Mold
Molten glass Verre fondu Il vetro fuso Geschmolzenes Glas Vidrio fundido Расплавленное стекло vidro derretido
Montgolfiere Chandelier Lustre montgolfiere montgolfiere Chandelier Montgolfiere Kronleuchter montgolfiere Araña Montgolfiere Люстра Montgolfiere Chandelier
Moravian Star Etoile morave moravian stella Herrnhuter Stern Moravia estrella Моравский Star Estrela da Morávia
Moulded moulé modellato geformte moldeado Вагонка moldado
Mouny mouny Mouny Mouny Mouny Mouny Mouny
Multi-arm Chandelier Lustre multi-bras Multi-braccio lampadario Mehrarmigen Kronleuchter La lámpara de múltiples brazos Многорукавная Люстра Candelabro multi-braço
Murano Glass verre de Murano vetro di Murano Murano-Glas cristal de Murano муранское стекло Murano vidro
Mythological & Fantasy Mythological & Fantaisie Mitologico & Fantasy Mythologische & Fantasy Mitológica y Fantasía Мифологические и Фэнтези Mythological & Fantasy
Nautical Nautique Nautico Nautisch Náutico навигационный Náutico
Neoclassic neoclassic Neoclassico neoclassic neoclásico неоклассический neoclássico
Neoclassical style style néo-classique stile neoclassico neoklassizistischer Stil estilo neoclásico Неоклассический стиль estilo neoclássico
Neoclassical Style Chandelier Lustre de style néo-classique Lampadario stile neoclassico Neoklassizistischen Stil Kronleuchter Estilo neoclásico Araña Неоклассический стиль люстры Neoclássica Estilo Chandelier
Newel Post Lamp Newel Lamp Post Newel Alberino della lampada Newel Posten Lampe Newel poste de la lámpara Нюэл Сообщение Lamp Newel poste de luz
Niche Niche Nicchia Nische Nicho ниша Nicho
Nickel Nickel Nichel Nickel Níquel никель Níquel
Nickel plated Plaqué nickel Placcato nickel Vernickelt Niquelado Никелированная niquelado
Nightlight Veilleuse Luce notturna Nachtlicht Luz de noche ночник Luz noturna
Nozzle Ajutage Ugello Düse Boquilla форсунка Bocal
Ogee Ogee Ogee Ogee conopial гусек cimácio
Oil Lighting Éclairage huile Lighting Oil Öl-Beleuchtung Iluminación de petróleo Нефть Освещение Iluminação de petróleo
Opaline Glass opalines Opaline Glass Opalglas Opaline Glass Опалайн Гласс Opaline Glass
Openwork body corps ajourés corpo openwork durchbrochener Körper cuerpo calado Ажурные тело corpo a céu aberto
Ormolu chrysocale Bronzo dorato Messingbeschläge Bronce dorado золоченая бронза ouropel
Painted shades ombres peintes tonalità verniciate Gemalte Schatten cortinas pintadas Окрашенные оттенки tons pintadas
Palmette palmette palmetta palmette Palmette пальметта palmette
Paper lantern Lanterne de papier Lanterna di carta Papierlaterne Lampara de papel Бумажный фонарь Lanterna de papel
Paper Moon Papier de lune Luna di carta Papiermond Papel de Luna Бумажная луна Lua de Papel
Patera Patera patera Patera Patera патера pátera
Patina Patine Patina Patina Pátina патина Pátina
Pediment Fronton Frontone Giebel Frontón фронтон Frontão
Pendalogue Pendalogue Pendalogue Pendalogue Pendalogue Pendalogue Pendalogue
Pendant Pendentif Pendente Anhänger Colgante Кулон Pingente
Pendant light Pendentif lumière Luce pendente Pendelleuchte Colgante de luz Подвеска свет Luz pendente
Pewter Étain Peltro Zinn Estaño оловянный liga de estanho
PH Artichoke Artichaut PH PH Artichoke PH Zapfen Alcachofa PH PH артишока Alcachofra PH
PH-lamp PH-lampe PH-lampada PH-Lampe PH-lámpara PH-лампа PH-lâmpada
Picture Light photo Lumière Luce immagine Bild-Licht Luz foto Picture Light imagem Luz
Pierced metal métal transpercé in metallo traforato durchbohrten Metall de metal perforado пронзили металла de metal perfurado
Pier-Mount Light Pier-Mount Lumière Pier-Mount Luce Pier-Mount-Licht Pier-Monte Luz Пьер-Mount Light Pier-Mount Luz
Pilaster Pilastre lesena Pilaster Pilastra пилястр Pilastra
Plaster Plâtre Gesso Gips Yeso Штукатурка Gesso
Polychrome Polychrome Policromo vielfarbig Policromo многокрасочный policromo
Polychrome painted finish finition peint Polychrome Policromo finitura Polychrome lackiert Policromada acabado pintado Polychrome краской Policromia acabamento pintado
Pontil pontil pontil Pontil pontil Pontil pontil
Porcelain Porcelaine Porcellana Porzellan Porcelana Фарфор Porcelana
Pressed Glass verre pressé vetro pressato Pressglas cristal prensado Прессованные стекла pressionado vidro
Pressed glass construction construction en verre pressé costruzione vetro pressato Gepresste Glaskonstruktion construcción de vidrio prensado Прессованные строительного стекла construção vidro prensado
Prism Prisme Prisma Prisma Prisma призма Prisma
Projection Projection Proiezione Projektion Proyección проекция Projeção
Quatrefoil quatrefoil Quadrifoglio Quatrefoil Cuatrifolio четырехлистник Quatrefoil
Quatrefoil design conception Quatrefoil disegno quatrefoil Quatrefoil Design diseño de trébol de cuatro hojas дизайн Quatrefoil projeto Quatrefoil
Queen Anne Queen Anne queen Anne Queen Anne Queen Anne Queen Anne queen Anne
Quezal Art Glass Quezal verre Art Art Glass Quezal Quezal Art Glass Quezal Art Glass Quezal Art Glass Quezal Art Glass
Recessed light lumière encastré luce da incasso Einbauleuchte luz empotrada Встраиваемый свет luz recesso
Reeding reeding reeding reeding reeding Ридинг Lendo
Regency Style Chandelier Style Régence Lustre Stile Regency Lampadario Regency-Stil Kronleuchter Estilo regencia de la lámpara Regency Style Люстра Estilo Regência Chandelier
Renaissance Renaissance Rinascimento Renaissance Renacimiento Ренессанс Renascimento
Renaissance Revival Chandelier Renaissance Revival Lustre Revival rinascimentale Lampadario Renaissance Revival Kronleuchter Renacimiento del renacimiento de la lámpara Ренессанс Возрождение люстры Renaissance Revival Chandelier
Repousse repousse repousse repousse repujado штампованный repousse
Reticulated relief soulagement réticulaire sollievo reticolata Reticulated Erleichterung alivio reticulada Сетчатый рельеф alívio Reticulated
Ring Bague Anello Ring Anillo Кольцо Anel
Ring Chandelier Lustre anneau Anello Chandelier Ring Kronleuchter anillo de la lámpara Кольцо Люстра anel Chandelier
Rock Crystal cristal de roche Cristallo di rocca Bergkristall Cristal de roca Горный хрусталь Pedra de cristal
Rococo Rococo Rococò Rokoko Rococó Рококо Rococó
Rococo Revival Fixture Rococo Revival Fixture Rococò Revival Fixture Rokokostil Fixture Rococó renacimiento Fixture Рококо Возрождение Крепеж Rococo Revival Fixação
Rope light LUMINEUX luce della corda Seillicht luz de la cuerda Rope свет luz da corda
Rosette Rosette rosone Rosette Rosetón розочка Roseta
Rough-in Plomberie brute Rough-in Grob in Áspera en Грубая в Áspero-in
Ruby Overlay Ruby Overlay rubino Overlay Ruby-Overlay superposición de rubí Рубин Overlay rubi Overlay
Schoolhouse shade ombre Schoolhouse ombra Schoolhouse Schul Schatten sombra escuela Скулхаус тень sombra da escola
Sconce (light fixture) Sconce (de luminaire) Applique (lampada) Sconce (Leuchte) Sconce (aparato de luz) Бра (светильник) Arandela (luminária)
Screw Collar Loop Vis boucle collier Vite collare Loop Schraube Kragen Schleife Tornillo de anillo de cuello Loop Воротник Винт Circuito Collar Screw
Scroll arm detail bras de défilement détails Dettaglio braccio scorrimento Scroll Bügeln Desplazamiento detalle brazo Свиток подробно рука detalhe braço Scroll
See "Junction Box". Voir "Junction Box". Vedere "Scatola di giunzione". Siehe "Junction Box". Consulte "caja de conexiones". Смотрите "Junction Box". Consulte "Caixa de junção".
Serpentine arms bras serpentine braccia serpentine Serpentine Arme brazos serpentinos Серпантин оружие braços serpentina
Serpentine Lantern serpentine Lantern Lanterna Serpentine Serpentine Laterne serpentina linterna Серпантин Фонарь Serpentine Lantern
Shade Ombre ombra Schatten Sombra тень Sombra
Shade Riser Riser Shade ombra Riser Shade Riser Riser sombra Тень Riser Riser sombra
Sheffield style Colonial Revival Sheffield style néo-colonial stile Sheffield Colonial Revival Sheffield Stil Colonial Revival Sheffield estilo colonial del renacimiento Sheffield стиль колониального возрождения estilo Sheffield Colonial Revival
Shell Motif Shell Motif Shell Motif Shell-Motiv Shell Motif Shell Motif Shell Motif
Silhouette Silhouette Silhouette Silhouette Silueta Силуэт Silhueta
Silver argent Argento Silber Plata Серебряный Prata
Skirt Jupe Gonna Rock Falda Юбка Saia
Sky lantern lanterne ciel Lanterna del cielo Himmelslaterne Linterna del cielo Sky фонарь lanterna Sky
Slip panel panneau de glissement pannello di scorrimento Rutschplatte panel de deslizamiento Скольжение панель painel de deslizamento
Slip Ring BAGUE scivolare Anello Schleifring Anillo colector Скольжения кольцо do anel deslizante
Smoke bell cloche de fumée campana di fumo Rauchglocke campana de humo Дым колокол sino Smoke
Socket cover that holds the shade. couverture Socket qui maintient l'ombre. protezione della presa che contiene l'ombra. Sockelabdeckung, die den Schatten hält. cubierta de la toma que mantiene a la sombra. Оправа крышка, которая имеет оттенок. tampa do soquete que detém a sombra.
Soda Glass verre Soda Soda Glass Soda-Glas Soda Glass Сода Стекло Soda de vidro
Solar lamp lampe solaire lampada solare Solarlampe lámpara solar Солнечная лампа Luminária solar
Spire Flèche Guglia Turm Aguja Шпиль pináculo
Stainless Steel Acier inoxydable Acciaio inossidabile Rostfreier Stahl Acero inoxidable Нержавеющая сталь Aço inoxidável
Stamping Estampillage stampigliatura Stempeln Estampado чеканка Estampagem
Stem Tige Stelo Stengel Vástago ножка Haste
Stenciled design shades nuances de conception MARQUEE sfumature di design stenciled Stenciled Design Schatten matices de diseño estarcidos Трафарет дизайн оттенки tons de design stenciled
Sterling Sterling Sterlina Sterling Libra esterlina стерлинг esterlino
Steuben Acid cutback cameos Steuben acide fluidifié camées cammei cutback Acid Steuben Steuben Säure Abbau Kameen cameos recortadas ácido Steuben Штойбен кислота подрезания камеи aparições recortados Ácido Steuben
Steuben Art Glass Steuben verre Art Art Glass Steuben Steuben Art Glass Steuben Glass Art Steuben Art Glass Steuben Glass Art
Steuben Wiki Steuben Wiki Steuben Wiki Steuben Wiki steuben Wiki Steuben Wiki Steuben Wiki
Strapwork entrelacs strapwork strapwork strapwork Strapwork strapwork
Street light éclairage public Via leggero Strassenlicht luz de la calle уличный свет iluminação pública
Student Lamp Lampe étudiant lampada Student Student Lampe lámpara estudiante Студент лампы Lâmpada estudante
Surgical lighting éclairage chirurgical illuminazione chirurgica chirurgische Beleuchtung iluminación quirúrgica Хирургическая освещение iluminação cirúrgica
Swag Style Malloppo, festone Beute Swag Халява Swag
Swing Arm Sconce Swing Arm Sconce Forcellone Sconce Swing Arm Sconce El balanceo del brazo aplique Поворотный кронштейн Бра Swing Arm Sconce
Tam-o'-chanter shade ombre Tam-o'-chantre ombra Tam-o'-chanter Tam-o'-Chanter Schatten sombra tam-o'-puntero Tam блуждающие воспевающий тень sombra tam-o'-cantador
Tassel Gland Nappa Quaste Borla кисточка Borla
Tent Tente Tenda Zelt Tienda палатка Barraca
Tiffany lamp lampe Tiffany lampada di Tiffany Tiffany-Lampe lámpara de Tiffany Тиффани лампа lâmpada de Tiffany
Tin Étain Lattina Zinn Estaño Банка Lata
Tizio Tizio Tizio Tizio tizio Tizio Tizio
Tole Tole Tole Tole tole Толе Tole
Tolomeo desk lamp Tolomeo lampe de bureau lampada da tavolo Tolomeo Tolomeo Schreibtischlampe lámpara de escritorio Tolomeo Tolomeo настольная лампа lâmpada de mesa Tolomeo
Torchère torchère torchère torchère torchère торшер torchère
Torchiere torchère torchiere torchiere torchiere Торшеры Torchiere
Touch-sensitive lamp Lampe tactile Lampada sensibile al tocco Berührungsempfindliche Lampe lámpara sensible al tacto Сенсорная лампа lâmpada sensível ao toque
Track lighting Éclairage sur rail L'illuminazione della pista Schienenbeleuchtung Iluminación de la pista Трек освещения iluminação da trilha
Transfer etched shades Transfert des nuances gravées Trasferimento sfumature incisi Übertragen geätzten Schatten Transferir tonos grabados Передача гравированные оттенков Transferir tons gravadas
Trefoil Trèfle Trifoglio Klee Trébol Трилистник trevo
Triglyph triglyphe Triglifo Triglyph triglifo триглиф triglyph
Troffer troffer Troffer troffer troffer Troffer Troffer
Tudor Tudor Tudor Tudor Tudor тюдоровский tudor
Turning Tournant svolta Drehung Torneado Превращение Giro
Turn-of-the-century Tournant du siècle Al volgere del secolo Jahrhundertwende Construcción principios de siglo На рубеже веков Virada do século
Under-Cabinet Lighting Sous-Cabinet d'éclairage Under Cabinet Lighting Unter-Kabinett-Beleuchtung Iluminación bajo armario Под кабинетом освещения Sub-Cabinet Lighting
Underglaze glaçure sottosmalto underglaze vidriado подглазурная underglaze
Uplight uplight uplight uplight Aplique Uplight uplight
Valence Lighting Valence éclairage Valence Illuminazione Valence Lighting Iluminación de valencia Валентность освещение Valence Lighting
Venetian vénitien veneziano Venetian veneciano венецианец veneziano
Venetian Glass Chandelier Lustre en verre vénitien Venetian Glass Chandelier Venezianischem Glas Kronleuchter Veneciana lámpara de cristal Венецианское стекло Люстра Venetian Glass Chandelier
Victorian pendant pendentif victorienne ciondolo in stile vittoriano Victorian Anhänger colgante de estilo victoriano Викторианская подвеска pendant vitoriana
Victorian Period époque victorienne periodo vittoriano viktorianischen Período de estilo victoriano Викторианский период Período vitoriano
Vitrite vitrite Vitrite Vitrite vitrita Vitrite vitrite
Waterfall chandelier lustre cascade lampadario a cascata Wasserfall Kronleuchter araña de la cascada Водопад люстра candelabro cachoeira
Welsbach burners brûleurs Welsbach bruciatori Welsbach Welsbach Brenner quemadores Welsbach Вельсбы горелка queimadores Welsbach
Wheel chandelier Lustre de roue lampadario Wheel Rad Kronleuchter araña de la rueda Колесо люстры lustre roda
White slag glass verre de laitier blanc vetro scorie Bianco Weißes Schlacke Glas vidrio escoria blanca Белый шлак стекла vidro de escória Branco
Worklight Lampe de travail Lavoro leggero Arbeitslicht Luz de trabajo Рабочий свет Luz de trabalho
Wrought iron Fer forgé Ferro battuto Schmiedeeisen Hierro forjado Кованое железо Ferro forjado
Yard light feux de chantier Yard luce Yard Licht patio de luz Yard свет luz quintal
Zipper shades nuances Zipper sfumature Zipper Zipper Schatten tonos de cremallera Zipper оттенки tons zipper

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